Thursday, October 30, 2014

10/26/14 - 10/28/14 - Back from honeymoon

30 minutes on the AD
top of every 3rd minute ride @ 400+ watts for 30 sec.

Actually hit these pretty hard. Felt good and spicy at the end. No wattage on my airdyne so went off feel.

gymnastics strength work

A.  Muscle Snatch + Muscle Snatch from above knee (1+3) x 3-5 sets
B.  Clean pull under x 3 x 3 sets.. light weight.. just work on form here
C.  BS; 60-65% @ 35x1 tempo x 3 reps, 2nd and 3rd rep are no pauses x 3-4 sets

Combined Afternoon & evening.
Gym: Complete each before moving on.
HSPU: 5 x 5, strict 3" deficit
Ring back off drills: 3 swings + back roll off rings
Tempo Dips: 3 x 3 @ 55X1, 35# for all sets
V-Ups: 3 x 35, Had to break these a lot.
Wall Walks: 5 x 3 sets; bleh

A. Up to 155#. Felt pretty good. I start to rebend the knees a bit to protect shoulders. Starts to feel shaky the heavier I go and am in weird positions. All good here though.


B. 185. Light and easy.
C. 300# for all sets. Felt great.

10 minute AD warm up
20 sec. @ 90%
1:40 off and rest
x12 sets

Felt good. Hit these hard. Closer to 97-100% for the :20

A.  Snatch squat press x 3 x 3 sets.. hold final rep for 5 sec. OH
B.  BN jerk; 65% x 3, 70% x 3 x 3 sets
C.  Clean grip RDL to knee @ 51x1 tempo x 5 x 5 @ 80% of clean max

A. Up to 95#. Feeling stronger here.

B. Up to 275#. Felt strong. Took a bit to get used to splitting again. I feel stronger now power jerking just because we've been doing a lot of it.


C. 300#. Strong. Grip was getting tired by the end of these. No straps, silly!

gymnastics work

Strict CTB Chinups:7 x 3 sets, These felt good. Small elbow twinge but went away quickly. I think we're good to go here.
Maltese Pushups: 15 x 3 sets, felt good. Used parallettes
HS Hold: :10 x 5 sets. No partner so practiced freestanding. Best it's ever felt.
Ring L-Sit Holds: :10 x 3 sets. Unbroken but had to internally rotate rings a lot to keep feet up. As soon as I turn out, feet drop. 
Strict T2B: 7 x 5 sets. Done. Felt great.

A.  Back rack lunge step x 5/side x 5 sets
*after each set do 3 high seated box jumps (from 20”) to high level box
B.  BB bent over row x 5 x 4 sets @ 41x1 tempo
C.  SLO; 80% x 5 x 3
10 minutes @ 80%
2 TGU - 1/side
15 cal on aD
4 MU
15 double unders

6 box jumps w/ step dow, 24"

Felt sick and tired so I skipped. Resting up for the next day and a half. Maybe travel caught up. I had plenty of sleep, just happens.

I saw an Octopus in Australia. 

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