Monday, August 18, 2014

8/9/14 - 8/17/14 Philly Training Camp

Training camp in Philly was an incredible experience last week. I wish it could have gone on for 3 more weeks. I could live like that everyday of my life. Wake up early, train HARD with crazy good athletes, eat, nap, drink some coffee, train HARD again, eat, rest, train again. The intensity was high all week long. I learned a ton from my teammates. Several skills improved, learned backward rolls, a better grasp on freestanding HSPU's (not mastered yet), great improvement on "basic" gymnastic skills (muscleups, butterfly ctb's, depth HSPU's, etc.).

If you'd like to see some clips from training camp check out my YouTube channel HERE.

The most important thing I took from it was a new level of competitiveness. Aside from all jokes and pissing contests with the boys, I learned again what it feels like to want to win at EVERYTHING. I don't mean try hard at everything, I mean to want to crush the person next to you at whatever it is he/she is doing. A week full of that was FUN.

Unfortunately, when the dust settled, I was not chosen to be a part of the 7 active men for this season's roster. For whatever reason I have not proven myself to be an important enough asset to the team to be included on the active roster. I will listen and learn, and do everything I can to improve, however, I am satisfied with the FACT that there is nothing more I could have contributed to my goal of performing on the main stage. I threw everything at it. I wish my team the best of luck during the races and will continue to represent Philly to my fullest effort. WE are a solid team who is strongly underrated. Watch out.

You see the phrase "full effort = full victory" a lot now. Something I repeated for a long time. Now it has adapted into something more. Full effort requires sacrifices, and commitment, not just hard effort in the gym. Time away from my Fiance', money spent, grinding through injuries, time away from work, giving up security, letting your guard down, and not being afraid to fail.

It's transformed into Full Commitment = Full Victory

Here's to another learning experience that I will do my best to flip into a lesson that will help me grow as an athlete and a person. Always thankful for this and not just when things go my way.

Now, It's time for the real commitment to the most important person in my life. I can not wait to start this next chapter of our lives together. I love you Brandi and we have so much to look forward to together! Thank you for hanging in there the past few months. Time for a kick ass wedding! #McBonifayNuptials is going to start trending. #I'llmarryyouifyoumarryme

Saturday, August 9, 2014

8/8/14 - AM Training + PM AMRAP Test

gymnastics work:
3 sets:
7 x strict, hollow, ctb chinups
7 x wall walks
10 x maltese raises - 10# DB's
7 x Box HSPU's
15 x HR Pushups

Awesome "warmup". Movements feels good though. It's so humid down here I was drenched after this.

A.  Snatch; 80% x 2 singles x 3 sets
230# for all sets. Did not feel great today. No misses but just didn't feel sharp.

B.  C&J; 80-85% x 1 reps x 3-5 sets
280, 285, 290, 295, 300
Felt strong but joints hurt a but. Knees and elbows. All good. Some days you don't feel thing, some days you do. The next day will be good.



C.  Front Squat; 85% x 2 x 3
345, easy. This felt really strong.

15 minute amrap
10 CTB pull ups
10 double KB thrusters, 55#/hand

50 double unders

6 + 10 CTB + 2 Thrusters
Felt pretty good on this. Initally thought 90 sec/round but that wasn't happening today. My first round wasnt even that fast. Good pacing, felt good to push near the last 3 minutes. HAven't done anything like this in a while. Split up all CTB sets in half from the beginning then unbroken in the end. All DU's and KB's UB. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

8/7/14 - AM Swim Recovery

5 minutes light jogging in pool
on the top of every 45 sec.
25m light swim

x10 rounds

Done. Felt amazing. Miss this. About :30/25m. Easy pace.

8/6/14 - AM Training + PM Light Run

gymnastics work
A.  Hip Clean x 5 x 3 - nothing over 75% of max clean.. pause for 2 sec. from the hip before doing the clean

Done. Up to 245#. Felt solid. 

B.  Front Squat; 60% of max; 3 reps EMOM x 8 minutes.. fast reps out of whole

Working sets at 245#. Felt fast.

C.  Snatch pull off blocks - 90-100% of snatch x 5 x 3.. exaggerate through the ext. toes, shrug and hold 

Done. Felt strong here too. Good morning. 255-285#


30-40 minute steady run
Felt great to get out and run. about 33 minutes for the track i used. Back of right knee got a little tight but stopped once I was off of it. That was always my problem with distance running. weird little tendons in my knees would light up after 30 minutes or so. I could run all day if I didn't feel like something was going to pop. Breathing was good. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8/5/14 - AM Training/Lift + PM Training

skill work (planche holds, handstand walking- forward, backward, sideways, and holds)
Spent about 15 min. here. Just moved and worked off the paralletes for planche holds. Tough. Some triple under practice as well.
A.  Power Jerk - build to a comfortable double.. not a true 2 RM in 4 attempts
Stopped at 325. Felt LIIIIIIGHT.

B.  EMOM x 8 minutes; 1 PC + 1 hang clean - building from 60%.. don’t go over 85% of max clean here

215 - 285. Did pc + hpc to give left knee a rest. Power is a weakness of mine anyways.

C.  Snatch DL  @100-105% x 3 x 3

285, 295, 305. Felt strong.

10 TnG DL @ 315
10 deficit HSPU @ 10” *as many as you can strict.. if not 10 then transfer quickly into the kip goal is 10 UB strict
rest 90 sec.

:51, 8 strict, then 2 kip
:41, 2 strict, then 8 kip
2:00, 2 strict, then rest kip. Had to break this one up a bit. Hit a wall 

Set 1, 2 & 3:

3 rounds @ 80/90/100% effort
20 ghd sit ups
20 cal on AB
20 cal on rower

rest 90 sec. bt. rounds

3:17 - 80%
2:55 - 90%
1:58 - 100%

Final Set:

Breathing felt pretty good. Subbed GHD's for burpees. Stung a bit afterward but recovered better than usual. Overall good training day. Feeling pretty good.

8/4/14 - Training

gymnastics work
A.  Snatch Cluster; 70-75%; 1.1.1 x 3-4 sets, rest 10 sec., rest 90 seconds
200, 205, 215, 215
Felt good today. Sharp. Wrist and shoulder are feeling healthier and healthier.

B.  C&J; EmOM do 1 rep @ 80%.. focus on smooth and fast transition to jerk x 4 reps; then drop to 65% and hit 1 clean and power jerk every 20 sec. x 4

Done. Felt really strong on both today. The 225 felt like a toy.

285 EMOM:

225 E20s:

C.  BS; 80% x 3 reps x 4 sets *no pause
365. Felt great today. These were fast. Did 6 sets by mistake.

Left knee started having some patellar pain by the end of this. Going to work on quad a bit later to nail the trigger points. That usually helps with I'm flared up.

10 OHS  @185#
rest 15 sec.
20 T2B
rest 15 sec.
15 burped box jumps, 30”
rest 15 sec.
10 MU
rest 15 sec.
100 double unders
rest 4 minutes
x2 rounds

rest 5-10 minutes

45 sec. row @ max effort for max wattage
rest 4 minutes


First set was about 6:00. Hurt. Just smoked by this point. The second set was just a fatigue grinder. Held in there though. Skipped rows and did a 3:00 easy cool down.

Short on time today so had to combine the sessions. Big Mistake. It's so hot here and I'm tired from travel. Lesson learned....again. Quality over quantity.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

8/2/14 - Recover - Windham

We put together a team triathlon this morning in the mountains. Swam about 250m open water. Dang my swimming is off right now. This hurt. Had a blast though! The rest of the guys did the bike and run. Good times.

8/1/14 - Travel - Windham

Made it to upstate NY. Grabbed a bunch of buddies and did a long workout.

3 rounds:
Run 400m - Brutal hill route
30 KBS - 2pd/ FLR on ground
Lunge 150'
15 burpees

Done with partner. Fun session.

7/31/14 - NYC - AM Training + PM Team Training

gymnastics warm up prep
A.  Snatch; 70% x 2, 75% x 1, 80% x 1, 85% x 1 x 3-5
200x 2, 210, 225, 240 x 5. All felt good. Had one miss at 240 but fixed it quickly. 

B.  Clean - every 30 sec. do 1 rep starting from 225 and building by 20# each set till you hit max
225 - 345, missed 365x. Not enough pull. This felt awesome though. 345 went fast.

C.  BS; 80% x 3 reps x 6 sets
365. Knees were a little tender. This got pretty heavy by the end. A little surprised. Maybe the previous work?

Great session. Hit this at CF Reebok 5th ave with a bunch of friends. Went to eat and am coming back later for another session.

Ended up doing some skill work then a partner workout with the group. Some folks from NY's team and a few other great athletes. This was great. Wanted to take advantage of getting some transition work in. 

For Time: 1 male/1 female
30 CJ's - 155
60 TTB
60 DU's - UB
30 BBJ overs - 30"
30 OHS - 2pd
30 Bar Pull overs - Backward muscleup things
1k Row @ 1:40-1:45, This was kinda cruddy. A little lactic from workout. Felt good to breathe though.

7/30/14 - Rest/Recover