Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7/31/12 - Testing

5 rounds for time:
Row 1k
15 COVP chin ups
15 thrusters 75#
15 burpees

36:02 compare to 34:25 on 7/6/12
Rows were slow around 2:00, First round closer to 1:50, last round closer to 2:00

1 - Pullups UB, Thrus UB, Burpees steady
2 - Pullups 8/7, Thrus UB, Burpees steady
3 - Pullups 8/7, Thrus UB, Burpees steady
4 - Pullups 8/7, Thrus UB, Burpees steady
5 - Pullups 5/5/5, Thrus UB, Burpees steady

Went a little harder the first round. 2nd round was the most uncomfortable.
Legs were pretty tired today so the rows were slower.
Movements felt better though. Burpees were definitely faster.
Also completed this last time in the air conditioning.
Still not happy with the slower time.

Monday, July 30, 2012

7/30/12 - Training

Straight out of bed and went for a 20 min. easy bike ride. 

30 shoulder to OH for time 205#


Wanted to keep the sets short and fast.
Probably could have done 10 off the start
but didn’t want to end up taking a long rest.

Absolutely destroyed my collar bone reracking on rep 19 or so. 


Rest 20 min

50 back squat for time 265#



Felt pretty good. Tweaked my lower back on the very last rep.
Feels like the joint between the sacrum and lumbar.
Felt my lumbar go into a bit of hyper flexion coming out of the bottom.
Not sure if that’s the proper wording but it's my best attempt at explaining.
Legs are a little wobbly but not too bad. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

7/28/12 - Training

Turns out there is an airdyne in the condo's exercise room! So pumped!

30 sec @ 90% Aer
30 sec @ 60%
x 30 sets

Found an airdyne in the condo exercise room.
Felt awesome! Quads took a little while to wake up.
Efforts were between 1650-1750 cal/hr
Closer to 1800 towards the end. 

Breakfast as a spinach and feta omelet with a side of bacon and sliced tomatoes from an awesome diner called NY Style Bagel Deli.

Went out to the beach for a while then came back to the condo pool. Did some breathing work and underwater lengths. Worked on fully exhaling and swimming as far as possible. Then tried it a few times with lungs full. Practiced some flip turns for a while too. Fun day! Heading back to Memphis first thing in the morning.

7/27/12 - Rest/Travel

Got to Daytona around 11 am. We were on the beach by 1 pm. Hung out for a little while. Threw the football around. Then I threw on the goggles and went for a swim. Probably 300m total. Pretty fun swimming against the Atlantic waves. Good practice. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

7/26/12 - Rest


Mobility Session
Spent probably 60 minutes stretching & foam rolling.

Quads are super sore today and hips are really tight.
This felt good.

This weeks edition of TechniqueWOD features Double Unders. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7/25/12 - Double Training

Swim 100m @90%
Rest 2 min

Done at 6:00 am fasted. Felt great!
All sets between 2:10-2:18

Getting much better at this. Feeling more relaxed each session. Worked on breathing from both sides as well. Getting the hang of it. I'm halfway through the book Total Immersion. Great read that gave me a better perspective on swimming. Can't wait to finish it.


Skill session 90 min

Bike Ride - 30 min.
Triple Under Practice - 10 min. - Got exactly ZERO today. Don't know where they went.

For 12 min.
even minutes 2 rope climbs
odd minutes hand stand walk 15m 

Bar Muscleup Practice - 10 min.
OHS Practice on the indo board - 10 min. 


Lever practice - 10 min.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7/24/12 - Testing

5 rounds For time:
20 wall balls
10 burpee box jumps 24"
10 toes to bar
20 double unders
10 thruster 95#
10 pistols (5/leg)


Moved slow and steady. All movements unbroken. Burpee box jumps were the hardest. Didn't feel very strong on this one. Would love to move much faster. Movements just winded me easily today.

Monday, July 23, 2012

7/23/12 - Testing + Recovery Run

Early bike ride - 3 miles
Felt good to get my legs loose.

6 rounds for time:
5 clean and jerk 225#
5 muscle ups

Body felt good. Movements felt strong. Motor just felt weak today. 2:00/round should have happened. Not very happy with this performance. Right side of lower back is tweaked a little bit. Hips were a little tight from the weekend. Pulling today fired it up a bit. Joint related not muscle. Slight nervy pain. Icing tonight.

CJ's all singles.
MU's: UB,3/2, 3/2, 3/2, 1/1/1/1/1

Run 30 min easy

7/19/12 - 7/22/12 Vacation

Took a few days off. Going to the river to go fishing and relax with a bunch of friends.

Friday went for a long run in the morning. Probably around 2.5 miles. Mixture off road and pavement. Very hilly. Felt great. Then went for a swim in the river. Probably 55 degrees. Felt awesome. Water was so cold. Hiked around for a few hours after that.

Saturday spent probably 5 hours in a canoe padding down river. Fun day.

Cooked a bunch of meat all weekend. Food was pretty clean. Not a lot of veggies but a ton of animal.

Great to get away for a few days.

Here's a picture of what we cooked Friday night.

King Duck
Crown of lamb with bacon apple stuffing in the middle all on top of a roasted duck.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/18/12 - Training

Swim 50m @90%
Rest 1 min

Done at 6am this morning. Had a big dinner last night with a lot of carbs (Indian food - naan & rice). Slept great and woke up with a ton of energy!

All sets done in :60 or less. Felt better towards the end. I'm really looking forward to Wednesday swim sessions now. Starting to feel better in the water. Body feels amazing afterwards. Great recovery.

Skill session 90 min

60 min. trail ride on my mountain bike.
12 min.
Every 45 sec. do 1 rope climb
15 min. pistol practice

Fun day. Feeling good.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7/17/12 - Testing

20 min amrap:
7 thrusters 135#
7 chin ups
7 burpees

12 + 4 burpees

Tough one today. Very hot. Started very slow. Broke thrusters from the get go.
Definitely helped. Short rest, short reps. Pullups all UB, Burpees slow n steady.

Could definitely get more out of it chasing someone. Hard to push alone. Not happy with score. Happy with how I felt. I was controlled the whole time. Breathing was good. Wasn't in pain long enough. Waited too long. Had gas left at the end for a push. It was weird around 10 min. in I felt my best. It's like my head cleared up. Started feeling really good. Still needs a lot of work.

Monday, July 16, 2012

7/16/12 - Double Training

30 squat snatch for time 185#
Did 3 tng from the start then all singles.
No missed reps. Felt a little tired today. Not very excited about the time. I have trouble making myself get back to the bar. I was too worried about missing a rep rather than just grinding.


Run 30 min easy

Trail run at Shelby Farms.
Light warm-up. Felt good.
Knees were a little tight after finishing.
Went and rolled out for a while afterwards.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

7/14/12 - Training

10 min z1 run warm up
Row 2k @85%
Rest 4 min
Run 1 mile @85%
Rest 8 min
(take 1/2 bcaa/carb in both breaks)
10 min z1 cool down run




First row was the only uncomfortable part.
Running felt great! First 200m were a little weird.
2nd 800m was much faster. Felt like I had a second g
Body is starting to feel comfortable moving this long. More happy that I was able to work this long without any cramping or anything. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

7/13/12 - Training + Testing

A. Hang squat snatch off high blocks 3, 3, 3, 3, 3; rest 3 min
165#, 185#, 195#, 205#, 215#, 225#x (2/3)
Felt sharp today! Great practice.

B. Weighted chin up 2, 2, 2, 2, 2; rest 3 min
Used 70# for all sets.






225# 2/3 miss:

"Fight gone bad"
411 reps
Big pr. First time over 400. Very, very happy with this.
Felt good. Last 3 minutes were the only painful ones.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7/11/12 - Double Training

Swim 500m @ 90%
rest 1 min. every 100m

rest 5 min

Swim 500m @ 90%
rest 30 sec. every 100m

Second 500m felt awesome.
Feeling much better in the water.


115 min z1/skill session

Indo Board
Triple Unders
Bar Muscleups
KB Juggling
Handstand walking
Ring Muscleup HSPU

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7/10/12 - Training

10 min amrap @80%
Run 200m
5 hspu
10 box jumps 20"
Rest 5 min

10 min amrap @80%
Row 250m
7 ring dips
21 double unders
Rest 5 min

5 min row @80%
Rest 10 min

10 min amrap @80%
Airdyne 20 calories
5 burpes box jumps 24"
Rest 5 min

10 min amrap @80%
Run 200m
10 chin ups
10 ghd sit ups
Rest 5 min

5 min airydne @80%

8 rounds
5 + 11 Double Unders

6 rounds
6 rounds
90 cal

Felt pretty good today. A little sluggish towards the end. Last airdyne was crappy. Legs were tired.

Compare to 6/19/12

5 + 7 ring dips

5 + 15 cal
6 + 10 pullups
93 cal

Monday, July 9, 2012

7/7/12 - Training

Airdyne 10 min z1
Airdyne 5 min @85%
Rest 3 min
+ (take bcaa + carbs )
row 5 min @85% for meters
Rest 3 min
Airdyne 10 min z1

Averaged around 95 cal.
1150-1250 cal/hr pace
Averaged around 1300m
Rows felt aweful.
Very uncomfortable today.

7/9/12 - Training

A. Squat snatch; 20 reps for time @77% 1rm
205#, 5:50
5 the first minute. Felt good. Just didn't go fast enough.
Not very happy with time. Kept worrying about missing a rep and moving the bar around. Slower than last time. Felt easy though. 

7/9/12: 5:50

2/14/12: 5:47

B. 20 sets of 5 unbroken CTB chin ups for time (only unbroken sets count)
8:10 ?!? Jeez
Pulling was pretty tired after the squat snatch.
All kipping. Pullups felt tough today.

A little frustrated with the times today. Feel amazing, just expected to crush the old time of the 20 reps. Further motivated. Onward.

Friday, July 6, 2012

7/6/12 - Training + Testing

A. TnG power clean 5, 3, 2, 5, 3, 2; rest 3 min
225#, 245#, 265#, 245#, 265#, 275#
All felt good. Could have gone a little bit more. 

2nd wave:
245# x 5

265# x 3

275# x 2

B. Snatch balance 5, 5, 5; rest 3 min
185#, 205#, 225#
Felt ok.

225# x 5

C. Split jerk 3, 3, 3; rest 3 min
275#, 315#, 325#
A little tired at this point. Felt pretty good though.

315# x 3

325# x 3

Ready for later.

5 rounds for time:
Row 1000m
15 COVP Chin-ups
15 Thrusters - 75lb
15 Burpees

Rows b/t 1:55-2:00, First round closer to 1:52, last round closer to 2:00

1 - Pullups UB, Thrus UB, Burpees steady
2 - Pullups 10/5, Thrus UB, Burpees steady
3 - Pullups 5/5/5, Thrus 10/5, Burpees steady
4 - Pullups 5/5/5, Thrus 10/5, Burpees steady
5 - Pullups 10/5, Thrus 10/5, Burpees steady

Felt pretty good. Pushed hard on last round. Recovered fast. Never felt so comfortable going this long. Started breaking the movements to keep the rest short.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

7/4/12 - Training

Swim 500m @90%
Rest 5 min

115 min z1/skill session

Swam 500m;
Rest 5 min
Only had enough gas for 2 sets.
Getting better though. Felt much more comfortable.
Just got the book Total Immersion.

Rest 3

Played in the gym for a while.
Messed with the Indo Board
Handstand walks
Levers on rings
KB Juggling

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

7/3/12 - Training

12 min amrap @80%
Run 400m
10 toes to bar
10 back extensions
Rest 5 min

12 min amrap @80%
Row 500m
12 ring push ups
24 double unders
Rest 5 min

12 min amrap @80%
Airdyne 20 calories
10 OHS 95#
7 burpee pull ups
Rest 10 min


4 + 3 t2b
4 rounds even
4 round even

Drank some gatorade.

Next run was tough. Legs were slow.

4 + 40m
4 + 66m
4+ 2 cal

This was tough today. Long intervals.
Doubling the mono's was difficult.

Monday, July 2, 2012

7/2/12 - Training

A. Squat clean; build to a moderate effort single in 3 attempts
255#, 275#, 295#
Felt easy.

B. Jerk from blocks; build to a moderate effort single in 3 attempts
225#, 275#, 315#
Felt easy as well.

For 24 minutes:
On the even minute- 5 TnG DL 335#
On the odd minute- 5 TnG shoulder to OH 185#
Done. Easy. Actually felt the best the last 5 rounds.
No problems with my back. Pretty happy with how I felt.