Monday, November 24, 2014

11/24/14 - 11/30/14 Training

100 cal on the AD @ 90% effort
rest 1/2 work time
x3 rounds

Great weekend of rest. Slept amazing last night. Up and at it fasted this AM.
4:25, 4:23, 4:23

Ohh a decent burn here. On my airdyne it was about 75 RPM. Felt great!

Gymnastics work

Done. Great session. Had a "great" time with the towel. LAst set unbroken on T2B but my hip flexion is so poor and thighs are thick, it's hard to squeeze a towel.
A.  Snatch balance + OHS (1+1) x 3 sets
Upe to 185 for all sets. Felt much better.

B.  BB back rack split squat x 5/leg x 4 sets
165# for all sets.

C.  Hip Clean x 3 x 4 sets
Stayed light at 225 for all sets. Just worked speed.

3 rounds
21 CTB pull ups
15 box jumps, 30” 
9 FS @225

9:55. This was fun and really tough. 8/7/6 on ctb's each round. All kip. They felt really strong. BJ's were steady/kinda slow. Step down. FS unbroken. Last round was a grind.

PM Training:

10 minute warm up
15 sec. on the aD max effort
rest 2 minutes
x7 rounds

16-18 cal for most sets that the airdyne didn't turn off. Hit 20 on the last set. Not sure how accurate it was but I am feeling powerful on these now. Been 3-4 weeks on these and starting to see change. Bam.

A.  BN clean grip push press x 3 x 4 sets… off feel.. hold each rep OH for 3 sec.

275. Felt strong. OH position with jerk grip is really improving after all my overhead work.

B.  Clean pull + PC + PJ (2+1+1) x 4 sets @ 70-75%

265. Felt like a toy. Feeling strong today.

C.  1/4 FS @ 100% of clean x 3 x 3.. hold final rep for 10 sec. in front rack

365. Felt fine. Tough on the wrist being in front rack that long. 

3 rounds @ 85% effort
15 T2B
12 PC @ 155#
9 lateral barbell burpees
1 mile on the AD
rest 3 minutes bt. rounds

4:42, 4:44, 4:36. T2B unbroken and really smooth on all rounds. PC went, UB, 8/7, 8/7 (this was the hardest for me of the intervals. Burpees pretty fast.
First .1 of the airdyne was tough to get moving. Fast after that. Great session. Good energy.

PM Training today:

30 minute easy AD ride.. nothing over 70% effort
Done. Did an hour. Feeling good.

gymnastics work

Had to swapsome stuff due to equipment restraints but great session.

A.  SPU x 3 x 4 sets

Up to 95. Feeling better here. No bend in hip. Started on tippy toes.

B.  Front rack reverse lunge steps x 6/side x 3 sets

Up to 185. Felt strong. Should have gone heavier.

C.  Snatch grip RDL w/ pause below knee for 4 reps x 3 sets @ 80% of snatch
230 for all sets. Really strong.

D.  DB bent over row x 5/side x 4 sets

Only have up to 85#. Felt good and strong. Love me some accessory work. Kept it single arm with no support on opposite hand. 
10 minute swim warm up in the pool
200m swim
rest 45 seconds
100m swim
rest 30 sec.
50m swim 
rest 30 sec.
25m swim
rest 30 sec.

Travel. Went for a 20 min run and a lot of mobility work.

gymnastics work

Had to modify a few things but great for the most part.

A.  Snatch; 65% x 5 reps, 75% x 4 reps, 80% x 2 singles x 3 sets
185 x 5, 215 x 4 (this was easy), 230 x 2 x 3 Felt great!!

B.  BN PJ + BN SJ (1+1) x 3 sets @ 80% of reg. jerk
310 for all sets. Felt really strong. TnG btn is getting strong.

C.  Box squat @ 60% x 3 reps on the 50 seconds x 10 sets.. add chains to each side if you feel good
275 + chains for all sets. Felt good.

14 minute amrap
100 double unders
40 kb swings, 70#
40 wall balls, 20#
30 pull ups
30 FS  @135#
20 S2OH @ 135#
20 MU

19 MU's. Ouch. I can get a round + a bunch when I'm testing a little more. This was fun though. Paced well, just wasn't ready to "push" for the muscle ups. Felt just like an open workout.
DU's unbroken,
KBS 15,15,10 
WB 15,15,10
PU 15,10,5 - Got these done fast. Felt really easy.
FS 10,10,10
S2O - 10,10
MUs - 3,3,doubles then a few singles.


A.  Snatch pull @ 100% x 3 x 4 sets

285 for all sets. Felt strong.

B.  PC off blocks; 70% x 4, 75% x 3, 80% x 1 x 2

240 x 4, 260 x 3, 275 x 1 x 2
Felt good. Blocks just below knee.

C.  Clean RDL x 3 x 4 sets @ 80% of clean to below knee

290, Felt strong. Good on the glutes

skill work - freestanding strict Handstand holds into strict freestanding HSPU (10 minutes)

Done. Getting better at the freestanding HSPU's. Strung a few together with great control.
3 rounds
50 ft. handstand walk
25 ghd sit ups 

5:55, 50' done in 25' parts. GHD's were ok. Not super fast at these but getting better after doing some last week as well. HS walking felt great! Fun little workout.


7 rounds
500m row @ 1:41-1:43/500 pace
50m sled pull (backwards) @ grinder weight
50m double kb front rack walk @ 55/hand
60 sec. plank hold
60 sec. rest bt. rounds

Had to modify a bit due to equipment restraints. Ran 400m, Pushed a prowler in the grass (woof), 55#/70# KB front rack, plank hold 

Under 5:00/round. Just went a pace and didnt' stop. Felt good to do something long and aerobic/grindy.


Friday, November 21, 2014

11/17/14 - 11/23/14 Training

gymnastics work

Done. Great session.

Wall Facing HSPU's:

A.  Snatch balance + OHS (1+1) x 5 sets.. nothing over 80% here.. hold OHS for 5 sec. in bottom

Stopped at 185#. Damn I feel so tight in overhead squats right now. Wasn't anywhere near a max or anything, just didn't feel healthy.

B.  BB back rack box step ups @ 24”  @ 115-165# x 5/side x 5 sets
165# for all sets. 24" is a bit much here. Used 20. Kept getting out of position on 24".

C.  Hip Clean x 3 x 4 sets.. nothing over 75% of clean
Up to 235#. Felt good.

Hip Cleans:

14 minutes on the clock
50m FW @ 100#/hand
6 Mu
50m sled push @ tough weight
9 FS @205#
50 double unders

2 rounds + 50M sled. Not crazy pace here. Just kept moving. Used a 70# + 35# KB and carried that in each hand. Pretty tough. SHoulders felt TOAST from volume of gymn for some reason. A lot of swinging earlier today.

10 minute warm up
15 sec. on the AD @ max effort.. get 10+ cal
rest 1:45
x10 sets

Done. Felt strong. Highest 18 cal, lowest was 15 cal. This started to hurt. I went hard.

A. BN Clean grip push press x 5 x 3 sets.. hold each rep for 3 sec. OH

Up to 245#. Felt strong.

B. Power Snatch off blocks @ knee x 2-3 singles x 4 sets @ 70-80%.. nothing over 80%
Stopped at 185. Shoulders felt not so great today. Just wanted to stay fast. Backed weight off and tried some new tech as well. You can see the diff in the video. Better turnover.

C. 1/4 FS @ 90% of clean x 5 x 3 sets. hold final rep for 10 sec. in front rack
330. Woof. 

3 rounds @ 80% effort… maintenance today.. nothing pushing too hard
20 cal AD
20 kb swings, 55#
10 cal row
10 HSPU - Strict
rest 3 minutes bt. rounds

2:50, 2:27, 2:10

All rounds unbroken and smooth. Felt great to breath here. LOVE these sessions. 


done. Great session. Did this before PM. Combined today since volume is low.

A.  SPU - by feel - x 3 x 4 sets
Up to 135. Felt great. Spent A LOT of time warming up the OHS/snatch position. However I was using a little hip to move the bar.

B.  Front rack bulgarian split squats x 5/side x 3 sets
Used two 44# KB's in the front rack. Love these squats. Felt healthy.

C.1  DB bent over row x 5/side x 4 sets

85-90# for all sets.

C.2  laying banded lat pull down x 10 x 4 sets… I will send video for this.. drill to build pull through uprise

Done. Neat.

Training Mon - Wed vids:

60 minute hike and recovery
Went and swim instead. Aint no where to hike around here. Good drill warmup, then hit 500m nonstop easy pace. Around 11:00. Man lats aren't conditioned for distance, just alittle burn the whole time. Reminds me of being on the airdyne for the first time. That annoying crampy feeling.

gymnastics work

A. Snatch squat press x 3 x 4 sets
B.  BN PJ + BN SJ (1+1) x 4-5 sets @ 75%
C. Box squats @ 60% x 2 reps on the minute x 12 minutes… can add chains onto the barbell if you have them
3 rounds
10 squat clean thrusters, 135#
15 barbell facing burpees
20 pull ups
rest 3 minutes bt. rounds..

*if you are feeling good here.. then go for it on last round

A.  Snatch pull off blocks @ 95% x 5 x 4 sets
Went from ground. Pull felt strong. Used straps as well. Wanted a change.

B.  Hip Clean x 3 x 4 sets.. nothing over 75%
225, 235, 245, 250.
Felt strong.

C.  Good morning x 8x  3 sets
95, 115, 135. Felt great.

Added in 3 x 10 GH raises as well.

Afternoon - AE work
skill work to put in here
strict freestanding HSPU work
strict freestanding Handstand holds

Great practice here. I was getting two or three freestanding. It's going to get better each week if I stay on it. My freestanding handstand is WORLDS better. 

15 minutes on AD
30 sec. sled sled push @ tough weight
30 sec. @ 10-12 cal
30 sec. double kb front rack hold @ 55#hand

8 rounds. I like this.

rest 3 minutes

Was training with a bunch of friends and I swapped the second AMRAP for this..
For Time:
50 cal Row
50 GHD's
50 Wallball - 20#- 10'
50 Box Jump overs - 24"
200 DU's - heavy rope

14:12, felt pretty good. Didn;t go nuts, just nice and smooth. 

15 minutes
15 ghd sit ups
8 Hang power cleans @ 135#
5 box jumps w/ step down @ 24"

mobility work for 60 minutes + 30 minute light AD or walk or hike

Thursday, November 13, 2014

11/10/14 - 11/16/14 - Training

30 minute easy AD ride

Done. Got off every 5 min and deadhang from pullup bar for 1:00.

gymnastics work

Done. Decent session today. Woke up today with a really stiff back, near SI joint.

A.  1” snatch x 1 x 5 sets.. nothing over 85% here
Stopped at 215. Back hurts.

B.  BS; 80% x 3 reps x 5 sets *no pauses.. staying @ same weight as last week.. 
Called it for the night after two sets. Went for a long walk. 

C.  CPU x 3 x 4 sets.. build off feel
Hang squat clean, 185#
15 cal on rower
FS, 185#
15 cal on rower
Muscle up 

6 minutes on the clock (30/30)
30 sec. on AD - 90% effort - 
30 sec. rest
(rest 3 minutes after the 6 minutes)
x3 rounds

Done. Felt good to breathe. 

A.  BN Strict press + frt rack strict press (2+3) x 3 sets
B.  Muscle Snatch (ground + pause @ top of knee) 1+3 x 4 sets.. build from last week
C.1  Clean grip RDL to knee @ 42x1 tempo @ 90% of clean x 4 x 4 sets
C.2  Strict HSPU (-2)am rap x 4 sets 
3 rounds @ 80/90/100% effort
30 cal on rower
12 PS @ 115#
15 box jumps, 24”
8 burpees to target 8” over reach
30 double unders
rest 4 minutes bt. rounds here

A. Up to 155#. Felt strong. Position is getting better here.
B. Up to 135. Shoulder feels funky at a certain point on weight with these. Specifically in the high pull portion and turnover.
C1. Played it easy here for back. Used 305 for all sets.
C2. 6-8 reps I will do these wall facing next time. I think it's closer to the position leading to freestanding.


gymnastics work

Done. Felt ok. Back is still pretty stiff and tight. Good progress on the ring back off drills. 

A.  Hip Clean x 5 x 4 sets… keep this light… start with shoulders slightly over the bar and barbell @ mid thigh
B.1  BB back rack box step upsx  5/side x 4 sets 95-135#, 24” box
B.2  *max effort broad jump from standing position after each set x 2 reps
C.  BB bent over row x 5 x 4 sets

Skipped lifting. Back is bugging. Did some breathing work.
EMOM x 24:
min 1 - 4 cal A/B
min 2 - 50 DU's
min 3 - 10 Double OH KB walking lunges - 53#

Actually made back feel better. Practiced more handstands with the wifey. Big breakthrough today on those. Seeing progress.

active recovery day -
get in the pool for 45 minutes
10 min. Lateral stepping.

Every :60 - swim 25m x 2
Every 2:00 - swim 50m x 2
Every 3:00 - swim 75m x 2
Every 4:00 - swim 100m x 2
Every 3:00 - swim 75m x 2
Every 2:00 - swim 50m x 2
Every :60 - swim 25m x 2

Felt great. Did some lateral stepping for a few minutes and stretched as well. Good recovery. Back feels a little better today, still very tight/sharp during any lumbar flexion (ie. putting on shoes, bending)

10 minute AD warm up
20 sec… look to get faster and hold higher then last week
rest 1:40
x7 rounds

Done. Felt powerful. 16 cal per set.

gymnastics work
A.  Power Snatch from blocks - Knee level; 165# x 1 rep on the 30 sec. x 5, 185# x1 rep on the 50 seconds x 5, 195, 205, 215 x 1 rep.. rest as needed
B.  Front Rack Step Ups: 3/leg x 3 sets
C.  EMOM x 6 minutes; 2 CTB pull ups + 2 kipping pull ups + 2 butterfly pull ups

A. 165 x 5, 185 x 5, 195x1, 205 x 1, 215 x1. Just worked speed and getting bar to hips. Felt awesome.
B. 155, 165, 185. 24" box. These got tough as the box is pretty high. Felt good though. 
C. Done. Tough complex to be smooth at first but got better.

Training Vid:

10 minute amrap
5 bar MU
5 HPC - 155#
5 box jumps, 30”

8 rounds + 2 Bar MU's. Switch cleans to hang power to stay out of squat. Fun workout. Went to 3's and 2's after a few rounds on BMU's. Trying to avoid tear and shoulders are toast today. Still felt good. Fun. That's a lot of Bar MU's.

A.  CLO + CDL; 100% 2+2, 105% 1+2, 110% 1+1
B.  BN PJ; 75% x 3, 80% x 3, 85% x 2, 90% x 1, 70% x 2
C.  Snatch pull off blocks x 5 x 4 sets @ 90%

-freestanding handstand holds - accumulate 45-60 sec. w/out moving hands.. use a spotter if you need to

10 minute EmOM
odd = 200m run
even = 5-7 strict HSPU
Every 3rd minute on the minute x 3 rounds
200m row damper of 10 @ 1:23/500 pace
30m sled push @ high speed effort @ 4 plates

A. Worked at 365# to be safe with back. Still a little tender but these felt good.
B. 285x 3, 305 x 3, 330 x 2, 345 x 1
C. 205 for all sets. Went from knees. Grip was smoked and wanted to keep this moving fast so I backed off from what was supposed to be 90%.
Freestanding Work. Had some good hold with no movement. Getting WAYY better here.
10' EMOM
Swapped HSPU's with 20 x HR pushups. Shoulder was bugging so just did some different pressing. 
Run felt good.
3 sets:
200m row @ 1:23, Around :30 No problem holding pace.
No sled where I was so I subbed :12 A/B sprint

This hurt! Felt good to hurt a bit though. The sprint on the Assualt Bike afterward was ROUGH! Good training day.

Some vids:

Sn high Pull:

Push Jerks:
305 x 3:

330 x 2:



Thursday, November 6, 2014

11/3/14 - 11/8/14 - Training

upon waking - fasted - 
30-40 minute steady state run.. easy effort here

Done. 40 minutes. Felt great. Usually get some knee pain after that long of a run. Even if it's easy. None today.

gymnastics work

Done. Great session. No pain in elbow during the tempo pullups.

A.  1” snatch (lift barbell 1” off ground and pause for 1 sec.) then snatch from this 1” position.. work up to 75% then hit 6 total reps @ this weight
B.  BS, 80% x 3 reps x 5 sets *no pauses here
C.  EmOM x6 minutes = 3 bar MU + 3 Ctb pull ups
thruster, 185#
FW x 50m @ 100#/hand

A. 215# for all sets. Felt strong and fast. A little tight, but not bad for not snatching in over 2 months.
B. 365 for all sets. Felt a little heavy.
C. Done. Accidentally did 8 minutes of it. Small tear in hand. No problems here. Good practice. Had to kip CTB. Was tough to come down from a Bar MU and try to butterfly.
4:20. OUCH this stung a bit. My legs were pretty toast by this point. Felt good to hurt. All unbroken. Don't have 100# DB's so used some handles.

Good to be back.

Training Lifts:

10 minute warm up
6 minutes on the clock
30 sec. row @ damper of 10… goal is 100-130 meters in the 30 sec.
30 sec. rest x 6
rest 4 minutes
x3 rounds

Felt fine. Good energy this morning. A little slow from last night but woke up well. 
150m for all sets. About 1:40 average. No problems here. Like 80-85%.

A.  BN strict press x 3 x 4 sets
B.  Muscle Snatch from pause @ knee x 4 x 5 sets
C.  Clean grip RDL to knee @ 42x1 tempo @ 85% of clean x 5 x 4 sets
3 rounds @ 70/80/90%… effort.. get faster each time.. but on the last round don’t go balls out 
20 calories on AD
10 db power snatch @ 70# *alternating
10 dips
10 T2B
45 double unders
rest 3 minutes bt. rounds

A. Up to 135. Pretty tight in shoulders on this so didn't go crazy.
B. 145#. These felt better.
C. 310# for all sets. Felt strong.

1 - 3:08
2 - 2:27
3 - 2:20

Could have closed the gap alittle between 1 & 2. These felt great. Sore today but great training day.

BTN Press  - 135

MS - 145

RDL - 310#

#3: The rest in youtube.

gymnastics work
Done. Sore, but had a good long warmup and started feeling good.
Did 500 single unders in 3:00 unbroken, ha.

Didn't do the legless rope climbs. Just practiced regulars instead.

No pain in elbow during strict muscle ups. wahoo. I've been implementing some dead hang mobility work throughout the day and have seen a little improvement. My false grip is getting better. Strict mu's today were really solid with a good false grip and turn out.

A.  2 position clean (from pause above knee + pause below knee) @ 70-75% x (1+1) x 4 sets
B.  Snatch lift off (off 3” deficit) x 2 reps @ 85% of best snatch x 4 sets
C.1  BB bent over row x 5 x 3 sets
C.2  Jerk dip x 5 reps @ 80% x 3 sets

A. 255,265, 275, 275. Felt strong. Healthy.

B. 245. Light and easy?
C1. Up to 185#, Felt strong.
C2. 310# for all sets. Felt good. 

Overall good first 3 days back. A little sore but feels good. Eating BIG tonight. Ready to come back swinging Friday morning. Good sign that I'm ready a day and a half before.

active recovery day here…60 minutes of 
foam rolling, message work + recovery walk/hike w/ nothing “wired”

10 minute AD warm up
20 sec. holding 800+ watts
rest 1:40
x7 rounds

Done. Felt Strong. Great warmup for the day.

5 min. AER
Thera Shoulder
10 HS Kickups (turned into more, I was having fun)
3 rds:
3 x Burpee Pullovers - These felt good.
10 x Strict T2B
7 x Shoulder Taps
20 x Maltese Pushups
10 x Maltese Raise - 10# DB
33 x V-Ups

A.  Snatch pull under x 4 x 5 sets.. build off feel here
B.  BS; 85% x 2 reps x 4 sets
C.  EMOM x 8 minutes = 1 uprise + 2 MU *w/out coming off the rings
25 OHS, 135#
25 cal on rower
100 double unders
25 cal on rower
25 OHS, 135#

A. Up to 135#. Felt pretty good. I break at the hips....just alittle bit. Takes stress of my shoulders during top of pull under.

B. 385 for all sets. A little heavy today.

C. Done. Small breakthrough on uprise. The swinging though irritates right shoulder a bit.
6:50, Felt pretty good! Full attack wasn't back yet but it felt great to hurt. 
15/10 on first OHS, Row was easy, Broke once or twice on DU's, 2nd row was quick, 
Last OHS's hurt. 13/10/2. Shoulders were going out. I consider OHS a weakness and it felt good to test it out. I tried to just sprint out the last 25 squats, legs and shoulders just wouldn't go! 

Training Vid:


A.  CLO + CDL; 90% 3+3, 95% 2+2, 100% 1+2, 105% 1+1
B.  BN PJ; 65% x 3, 70% x3, 75% x 3, 80% x 2, 85% x 1
C.  Good morning x 8 x 3 sets
10 minute amrap @ 80%
10 strict HSPU
10 d-ball over shoulder @ 100-150#
10 ghd sit ups

rest 4 minutes

3 rounds @ 80%
15 DL @ 225
15 box jumps, 24"
400m run

A. 330, 345, 365, 385. This felt really heavy today.
B. 250 x 3, 270 x 3, 285 x 3, 310 x 2, 330 x 1. These felt strong. Tried to stay tng as long as possible. Still not that coordinated BTN. Getting better though. HEre's some vid.

C. 95# for all sets. Worked good position and deep flexion more than anything.

10' AMRAP:
4 + 10 HSPU's (Used a smaller stone this time. Also kipped HSPU's as strict hurt my right shoulder today.
Nice easy pace here. DL's UB, 8/7, 10/5. BJ's - step down.  I felt like a giant boner running though. Just really stiff. Tough combo on the lower back. DL's and BJ's that is.

Good training today and this week. I was really sore after Monday but am all good today. Shoulders were a bit chewed up yesterday (Saturday). Back in a good groove right now. Sleep is on, food is on, body is recovering finally. Just still having to do a bit more extra therapy work to keep joints happy. Maybe I'm getting old. Who knows...



Sunday, November 2, 2014

10/31/14 - 11/2/14 - Friday-Sunday

21 minutes on rower or AD
top of every 3 minutes - work for 90% effort for 20 seconds

Done. Felt great. Around 1:42-1:45 for 90%, 2:00 or less on the rest.


300 Single Unders (liking these for warmup)
Theraband shoulder work
10sets x 2 Tap Swings (Holding towel w feet)
7 x 5 sets Bar Ice Cream Makers
10 singles of Front Uprise practice
5:00 Freestanding HS work (wall facing and free)

A.  SPU x 4 x 5 sets.. light weight and go off feel here *film this for me
B.  Clean from pause above knee + Jerk dip + SJ (2+1+1) x 3-5 sets… nothing over 75% here
C.  EMOM x 10 minutes = 2 pull ups + 2 CTB pull ups + 2 T2B

A. Up to 75#. Stayed light and fast.

B. Up to 275. Felt pretty good. Haven't squat clean in over a month. Felt a little tight. Jerk felt really strong as I've done a lot of overhead work (positioning/mobility).

C. Done. Felt great!! No problems with elbow here.

A.  Snatch pull off blocks x 5 x 4 sets @ 80% (set up blocks @ knee position)
B.  Clean grip RDL @ 5131 tempo @ 85% x 3 x 4 sets
10 minute amrap
strict HSPU
stone to shoulder @ 135-155 or d-ball over shoulder @ 100-150#

rest 5 minutes

3 rounds
50 cal row
50 meter sled push @ 6 plates
50 double unders

A. 230 for all sets. Felt strong. Used straps today. Grip felt a little fatigued and it's a lot colder here now, boooooooooooooo.

B. 310# for all sets. Felt really strong.
17:45, Cut back some on the stones. I have a 180# or a 90#. I chose the 180#.
Did all HSPU reps.
For Stone 2 Shoulders, (10) =  I did 5 St2Sho+5 36" BJ, (9) = 5 S2Sho + 4 36" BJ, (8) 4 S2SHo + 4 36"BJ etc...
Rough but fun. Never stopped, just nice and easy.
rest 5 
Smooth here. Felt good to breathe. Last round hurt. Good push here.


active recovery