Sunday, June 30, 2013

6/29/13 - Tupelo Triathlon

Tupelo King of the Hill Triathlon 
Swim 800m - Lake
Bike 20 miles
Run 5k


Awesome experience today! Up at 5:30 am to eat and prep. Only about 150 competitors at the race.

Swim was long and I had some trouble at the start. Just didn't feel comfortable after about 75m in. Lats got tight really quick and I didn't trust my freestyle. Took forever with a combo of freestyle and sidestroke.

Took my time from the swim to the bike. Bike was way easier than I anticipated. Could have pushed much harder. Took a little over an hour. Fun. Mostly shaded and pretty hilly.

About a 90 second transition from bike to run. Took my time again and stretched out. Legs felt fine. A little goofy at first but fine. Very hilly run course. Burned quite a bit. 8 min/miles.

Overall I had a great time. Learned a lot. I am blown away with how good my body felt. I just kept waiting for the cramps to set in. Not even close. I now know how much more I can push on the long enduring events. Everything was great. Thank you Karen for loaning me a bike. I would have died on my mountain bike.

It was really cool to meet some new people from a different fitness community. Triathlete community is quite similar to the CrossFit community. Everyone is open and welcoming and very helpful. When swimming at the YMCA last week, I met a husband and wife who were in the pool training for a TRI. The husband, Jeff, was wearing an Ironman swimming cap. We talked for a few minutes about races and sport. I told him I was doing the Tri this coming weekend in Tupelo. He said that he might try to come out and race in it.

A few minutes before the race started I bumped into him lining up for the swim. I was the final entry of the race and enlisted that morning. He said he found some time to come out.

While standing inline, waiting for my turn to hop in the lake, two guys in front of me said, "Did you see
who that was? That's Jeff Fejfar. Yeah, he'll win this race." And he did. Little did I know he's an elite level triathlete and I believe a national champion. I wish I could have had the chance to watch some and I might have as I was probably finishing up my swim when he was 10 miles in on his bike or so. I spoke with Jeff after the race and we exchanged information. Kind of interesting. He runs an online exclusive coaching business for endurance athletes called Mid South Multi Sport Endurance. He lives nearby so I extended the invite for him to come train sometime at the garage. Maybe we could learn from each other. Probably me more than him.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

6/27/13 - AM Swim + PM Bike/Run

Swim repeats:
25 m @ 90% effort from wall
rest 30 sec
25 m head down no breathing free @ 90%
rest 1 min x 15

Done. Around :20 for 25m free 
:15-:20 on the free with no breaths, except that I took at least one breathe every time.
I had 15 chances to make it down without taking a breathe and I could NOT do it. Why did this hurt so much more than swimming completely underwater? Shamed

100m warmup and cooldown as well at tri pace. Felt comfortable.

bike 45 min @ Z1
run 15 min @ Z1

Done. Around 10 miles on the bike. Plus 1.5 on the run or so.

Went to my friend Karen's store Bikes Plus today and she fit me for a road bike to use this weekend. She also set me up with some other gear that should help with the race. So grateful to have so much support. Thank you Karen! If you're in the Memphis area check out her stores Bikes Plus. Great service and a HUGE selection.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6/27/13 - AM Row Intervals + MidDay Testing + PM Testing

Row 30 sec @ 85% aer
walk rest 30 sec x 30

Done. Fasted, bcaa's 

Rowed 4 min for warmup then some dynamic stretching.

Averaged 148m per set. 15-16 strokes or so. 1:42-1:43/500m

mid day:
A. 30 clean for time - 225# - 90% effort/speed

slow but in control. Breathing was high but not bad.
hands are chewed up. Need to push a bit more.

rest exactly 2 min
B. for time:
HS walk 100 m
50 KBS - 88#
25 CTB chin ups


HS walk - 9:15

KBS & CTB took wayyyy to long. Tough session.

3 rds for time:
100 DU's
25 push ups
10 stone to shoulder - 120# ish


Felt good on this. Broke DU's once on 1st round.
Pushups UB, 15/10, 10/2's

6/26/13 - NutriForce & Udi's

I'm proud to announce I have recently signed a contract with NutriForce Sports.

I'm very excited to be a part of their team. They offer some great products that I know will be helpful with my training. I am a big fan of the options and varieties they have since I like to dose my own post work shake.

Info about their products can be found here:

I also wanted thanks the folks at Udi's and Glutino for providing me with some great food to help fuel my training for the next few months. Udi's and Glutino are a part of Boulder Brands/ Smart Balance, Inc. They offer several options of gluten free foods from bagels to cookies. As a CrossFit athlete, I need to focus on high quality, highly caloric foods. Udi's and Glutino do just that. Loaves of bread, hamburger/hot dog buns, bagels, muffins, cookies, pizza crust, you name it. Awesome, awesome stuff!

Most Udi's items can be found at Kroger, but Whole Foods carries both Udi's and Glutino brands. Check out their websites below.

6/25/13 - AM Swim/Bike + PM Run

Open Water Swim practice - 30 min

50m, 100m warmup
then 350m non stop.
rest 1:30
500m non stop

Felt ok today. First 350 was rough. If I don't warmup properly I can't relax. After doing the 350m, the 500m felt muuuuuch easier.

T- less than 5 min

Bike 45 min - 3 x 15 min - ad effort per 15 min to max speed/low tension last 15 min

Out the door and on the bike in 3:00

Followed the same loop several times. Was able to keep the intensity consistent and slowly increase. Good session.

Run 30 min @ 70% effort

Covered about 3.5 miles. Ran on pavement but some tough hills. Felt good. Body feels better today.

Monday, June 24, 2013

6/24/13 - AM Training + PM Training/Grind

AM - aer
4 sets:
Row 400 m
15 CTB chin ups
10 burpees
rest 90 sec
4 sets:
Run 400 m
15 CTB chin ups
10 burpees

Done. Tough. Misread, Did the burpees before ctb's and ran before I rowed. Still a great session for me. Took a lot of focus to stay calm. But still wanted to keep a strong pace.



Pullups all UB first 5 sets, then 5/5/5, except last set. 10/5

4th set of run:

3rd set of row:

A. Clean x 1/FS x 3/SJ x 1; rest 5 min - build to a max of complex

275, 295, 305. Called it there. Didn't fail. Felt good to push with the hips
for the first time in a while. I'm ready now. Brain isn't scared of injury anymore.



B. PS TnG - 10,10,10,10; rest 90 sec - moderate and fast, no pauses

Done. 95 for all sets. Felt good. Hands are now shredded. Welcome back summer.

3 rds for time:
DL 315# x 6
12 pHSPU
18 BJ - 36"

DL UB and easy.
PHSPU - Deep. Tough. Went 6/6, 6/3/3, 3/3/2/2/2
BJ slow and steady. Felt pretty good. I guess I held back a little on the last
set knowing what was coming up.

(rest exactly 2 min)

rope climb 15'
burpee muscle ups


This was a slow and aweful grind. Abs and biceps started cramping. The movements weren't getting ugly, I was just smoked. I've got to toughen up. My body was just wrecked during this. Out of Gas.

6/22/13 - AM Row Z1 + PM Recover Session

Row 5K easy pace


all @ 50% with some DeadMau5
1 min AD
1 min jump rope
1 min row
1 min run easy
1 min mobility pieces
x 6

Done. Felt good. Pecs are sore from AMRAP yday

Friday, June 21, 2013

6/21/13 - AM Airdyne Intervals + Noon Training + PM Bike Ride

AD 30 sec @ 90%
walk rest 30 sec x 25

Done this AM fasted, BCAA's. Averaged 85-86 RPM. Wayy better than last week. Felt really good. Slept amazing last night and feel recovered. Ankle is still a little swollen but seems to be getting better.

A. Squat Snatch off high blocks - build to a max

240, Missed 245#
Slow start on these. Took a LONG time to get warm. Hips were really tight. I'm ok with this though. I had some good lifts today that felt good. Some bad ones too though.

215: Not that heavy but I really like the lift.


B. PS x 1/OHS x 2 - build to a tough double - NOT a 2RM

205#. Stopped there. Power snatch just didn't feel great today. OHS felt good though.



5,4,3,2,1 for speed
CJ - 185#

First 5 tng. The rest singles.

rest 5 min exactly

amrap in 20 min @ 80%:
10 ring push ups
10 kbs 1,5 pd
10 lunges
30 DU's

10 rounds + 1 KB swing
Last 5 minutes were the best. First 5 weren't as smooth. Took me a few minutes to settle in. All sets UB with short breaths btwn each set.

Here is a few minutes of the AMRAP:

Bike 60 min easy pace

Done. Around 11.1 miles on road. Need to get a road bike for that. This was done on my mountain bike.
Slow and uncomfortable. Still felt great to get out and see some stuff for a bit.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

6/19/13 - AM Swim + Noon Bike + PM Run

Swim 100 m @ 80-90%
rest 30 sec x 6
Side Stroke 25 m R
SS 25 m L
rest 30 sec x 8
200 m breast cash out

Swim felt good. All 100's done under 2:00

Side stroke was ugly as well as the breast stroke, but it was good practice. Tough swim.

15 min Z1
2 min hills grinding
easy ride down x 5
15 min @ Z1 cool down

Went to Shelby Farms. 15 min. off road warmup then found a perfect hill for the intervals. Tough. As soon as the last one was up I was hit by a freaking monsoon. The road back was pretty tough. Drenched and covered in mud. Fun.

Run 20 min easy pace - based on ab tension

Done. Abdomen felt fine. Felt good to cool down after a long day. I am dog ass tired and my body is achy. Not sore, just achy. I need some serious sleep.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6/18/13 - AM Bike/Run + PM Training

Bike 2 miles
Run 800 m x 5
(each pace gets harder)

Done. Felt great to warmup with a bike ride. Rode to a park a few miles away. Hopped off and went directly into the run.

800m loop might be a little short. But laps were consistent.

Efforts were controlled. Body felt great running. Last two were getting pretty spicy.


A. PS TnG - 15,15,15; rest 3 min - add per set

115#, 125#, 135#
135# got pretty tough. But others were very fast. I imagine I could get 25 Unbroken fresh at 135#. Be cool to see one day.

rest as needed

B. GM @ 2020; 5-8 x 3; rest 2 min - moderate

95# for all sets

rest as needed

3 rds for time @ 90%:
Row 300m
10 p HSPU - go deep into pHSPU sets


Used two thick 45# bumpers. Haven't made paralletes yet.
Row was 1:45-1:50
HSPU's - 5/4/1, 5/5, 5/5

rest as needed

15,12,9,6 @ 90%:
Stone to Shoulder - moderate, alt/rep
BJ - 30" - rebound
Triple Unders


70# stone
32" box jump (truck bed)
TU's were not good. Don't think I actually got but 1 or 2 of them.
New goal.

Monday, June 17, 2013

6/16/13 - AM Bike + PM Test

Bike 60 min @ Z1 out of bed

Whoops. Don’t know why but I had a 30 min. run in my head instead. Either way, the run felt good. Stretched for a while afterwards.

4 rds for time:
8 stone to shoulder heavy
2 rope climb - 20'
6 tire flip heavy


Only had 200# stone so did 4 over shoulder Did rope climbs with no jump. Rope was a little short. Tire was fine.

Fun workout. Love these kinds of test. I need a lot of work on them. They just gas me right off the bat. It doesn't really seem like there is much pace to it at all. Just go and hang on.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

6/15/13 - PM Testing/Training

A. Snatch - build to a tough but perfect single

245# Felt pretty good. Could have hit 265 today but it wouldn't have been perfect and I wanted to test out the groin. Did not feel that tough. Ready now.
3 rds for time:
Run 200 m
5 Snatch - 80% of part A


200# on snatch.
Run was not measured. Didn’t stop though. All singles on snatch. To be honest was a little adament about pulling heavy in flats. Felt fine though. Happy with that.

Rest 10 min.

for reps @ 90% - rest 30 sec b/t sets to change weights:
3 min CJ - 155#
3 min DL - 175#
3 min S2O - 195#
3 min squat clean - 215#

23 cj's
55 dl's
22 s2o's
12 sqcln's

Just tried to stay in control on all of this. Good session. Body feels good. Glad it wasn't all out. Still don't feel ready to dig down there yet with a barbell. I'll be patient. It'll come when I need it to. I'll focus my efforts on the recovery and long pieces. The energy has to go somewhere. I have some video of all of this. Will post tomorrow.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

6/14/13 - AM Z1 Run + PM Swim + Bike

Run 30 min easy out of bed

Done. Felt a little tight. Pretty sore today. Felt great by the end of it.
Swim 25 m free @ 80%
rest 30 sec x 25
transition 5 min max
Bike 30 min @ Z1

Done. Felt super fast on the swim. Body felt great. Rushed out of the pool and ran to my truck and grabbed my bike in 3 minutes.

Friday, June 14, 2013

6/13/13 - AM Row + Noon Training + PM 80% Test

Row 5K @ easy pace

Done. Averaged 2:05. Felt pretty tight this morning. Haven't rowed that long in a while.
A1. SC x 1/FS x 5 - build to a tough 5 in 5 sets max; rest 30 sec
225, 245, 255, 255, 255
Felt pretty good. Pull is weak but squat is ok. There is a lot more there but it's the first time back squatting heavy since injury. Played it safe.

A2. 15 CTB chin ups; rest 4 min
Done. All UB. Felt sharp.

B. amrap wall balls - 1 set
77. Didn't have it today. When I'm up for this I know I can break 140-150+
This is my only mulligan for the next few weeks.

C. AMRAP DU's in 5 min
Did a few sets of 100 then fast 30's. I was just tired during this session. The squats and pullups got me pretty good. Stll adjusting to the heat in the gym I guess. Good to be back lifting though. Body feels good. A small hint of irritation in the abdomen.

amrap in 15 min @ 80%:
prowler moderate 25 m
10 HSPU kipping
10 R kb snatch/10 L kb snatch
10 88# KB front rack lunges - 1 KB
(breathe and move)

1 Round

Some HSPU's

4 + 13 Snatches. Felt great. Did it in the back yard of the new home gym. Only had 53# KB. Plus didn't want to overdo it yet on the lunges. They were a little shaky in the abdomen. HSPU's all UB and felt great. Felt really good to breathe. Pushed a Rogue yoke in the grass. Dog kept trying to bite my ass.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

6/12/13 - AM Swim + PM Bike

open water swim practice - 30 min

Found an awesome lake just outside of the city in a residential neighborhood. So fired up for this. It's huge. Pretty clean water too. Swam with a few buddies yday. Freestyle about 130m. Stopped then swam back.
Just wanted to feel out the open water. Love it. Can't wait for next week. No pain in abdomen.

Bike 60 min @ easy pace - off road preferred

Hit the trails for a little while. Mild terrain some rough. Comfortable ride though. It's hot. Really hot. I'm going to have to start really pounding calories to not wither up and shrink with this volume. Lots of Gatorade.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6/11/13 - AM A/D Intervals + Noon Training + PM Testing

AD 30 sec @ 90%
walk rest 30 sec x 30 straight - same pace for all!

Done this morning, fasted, BCAA's. Felt good for about the first 20 then two weeks off caught up. I have felt better. Averaged 83 rpm.

Mid Day
A. PS - single every 30 sec - 50-60% 1RM - 10 sets
Done. 135#. No pain.

B. DU buy in x 15 - emom - DL TnG x 3 tough - 8 sets
Done. 345# for all sets. No pain.

C. emom - MU's x 2 - 10 min
Done. Some pain in abdomen from the hip hinge and extension in the bottom. Not bad though.

Felt great this session. This morning was like a purge. I am starting to feeling completely normal again.

for time:
Row 1K
10 rope climbs - 20'
20 wall walks


Easy row at 1:55
Rope climbs done on a 22' rope. These felt awesome today! I was getting up in 3 pulls. Still need a lot of work during high volume but I'm starting to get really comfortable with it. Took me 6-7 minutes to complete them.

Wore my new BSC compression tights with the compression calf sock. Felt awesome during the climbs. No burn or anything. 



Wall walks sucked. Nothing new there. Just grinded.Feeling really good. Abdomen is slowly getting better. We'll see how it feels tomorrow with all of todays volume.

6/9/13 - Marriott Training Center Day 3

3 rds NFT:
50 DU's
20 lunges
20 push ups HR


30 man makers for time

8:00 - not all out. 35# db's. No pain.

for time:

3:30, felt slow. Was slightly nursing the abdomen. No pain in groin. Felt good to push. Had to lunge easy. No pain in groin but abdomen was slightly irritated. Best it has felt though.

Run 5 min @ Z1
Run 30 sec @ 90% aer pace
walk 30 sec rest x 20 straight
Walk 10 min brisk cool down

Done. Not at a full 90%. Abdomen is a little sketchy when running but it was way better. First day I've been able to run. Feeling good.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

6/8/13 - Marriott Training Center

Back at the hotel fitness center again.
5 min. Elliptical warmup
5 sets:
10 Single Arm Overhead press (alt'n arm) - 50# dumbbell
rest 90 seconds
20 sets: elliptical
30 sec - hard
30 sec - easy

Felt good to do SOMETHING. Pressing felt great. Abdomen is getting so much better. Elliptical is goofy but got the job done. Grateful for that.

Friday, June 7, 2013

6/7/13 - Recovery

Only option today was the hotel fitness center. Luckily it was a decent option. An elliptical with a dumbbell rack up to 50#. 

10 min. on the elliptical then had a long dynamic warmup/stretch. Grabbed some 50# dumbbells and did several front squat push press combo's emom. No pain in groin. Felt good to squat. Abdomen was a little shaky but no pain. Ended with 5 min on elliptical.

Nothing pretty but it's a start.

6/5/13 - Recovery/Swim

Same story here. Woke up early for therapy then hit the pool for a little while. Groin and abdomen are feeling better every day. Healing fast. So ready to be 100% again.

100m @ 90%
rest 1 min.
x 4

Felt good. Still had to use the booey between legs but used a smaller one this time.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5/27/13 - 6/4/13 - Recovery

Went to my pain specialist and it turns out I have slightly torn my groin as well as a small tear in my lower right abdomen. I have been undergoing some ART and ice and stim treatments. Groin is recovering nicely, but the abdomen will take some time. Still pretty painful to move. Specifically when stabilizing or eccentric loading. Going to stay patient, active and mobile to help ensure a solid recovery.

I can't thank Dr. Brad Cole at Cole Pain Therapy Group enough for his urgency and attentiveness during this injury. I've gone to see him every day since I've been back in town.

This guy is really good. I can rest knowing that everything possible is being done to help recover.

AM Swim:
25m rest 1 min.
50m rest 1 min.
75m rest 1 min.
100m rest 1 min.
75m rest 1 min.
50m rest 1 min.
25m rest 1 min.

Didn't time. Just hopped in and moved. Felt soooo good to be active. Flutter kicking irritates my abdomen so I used a booey between my legs and focused the strokes on upper body. Felt great. Lats were a little tight.

6/4/13 - Bruising is starting to drop and come to surface.

5/24/13 - 5/26/13 - South Central Regional

Event 1:


Felt super fired up for this. :04 second pr from last week. Rower didn't start at the beginning so I know I could have gone sub 10. The difference from this effort and the previous was how fast I did my thrusters. I did them as fast as I could. I actually broke on the pullups. Butterflied 25, kipped 4 then feel off with 1 left. 

1st in the event.

Event 2/3:
7 min to Establish 3RM OHS
Starting at 255#, increments of 10#

285# x 2. Shut it down there. I think I knew that score would hold up fine so I tried to get as much rest as possible for the burpee/muscleups.

4th in the event.
Rest 2 minutes

30 Burpee Muscleups for Time
7:01. Missed my last rep twice. As well as a few other in between. Very unhappy with this performance. Not unhappy with effort though. I paced well but my body just didnt have it tonight. I kept failing the dip. 
Did this in 5:20 in practice.
26th in the event.

Slept ok the night before. Actually went back to the hotel after the briefing and slept for a bit longer. No soreness today. Just very anxious to get the 100's over with.

Event 4:
For Time:
100 Wallball
100 CTB Pullups
100 Pistols
100 DB Snatch - 70#

70 snatches

Wallballs done in 60/20/10/10. Judge was super strict on depth. Felt fine though.
CTB's were sets of 5 from the start. Felt aweful for some reason. 
Pistols were very slow. This is where I lost a lot of my time. Received a bunch of no reps on my right side for
depth. Had to be extremely low and deliberate.
Snatches just whatever.
19th in the event.

Felt really good after this workout. Was not that beat up. I can tell the volume as paid off. 
Found a quiet room and relaxed for a few hours to recover. Started to feel really good before event 5.

Event 5:
For Time:
Deadlift - 315#
Box Jumps - 30"


DL's 15/6, 8/7, 5/3/1
Box jumps steady. Would have been sub 4 had I not tripped 4 times on the last 9 box jumps.
I could NOT get my legs to work and I was starting to rush.

3rd in the event.

Slept great the night before. Feeling awesome. Super fired up to finish it off. Currently in a 3 way tie for second.

Event 6:
For Time
100 Double Unders
40 T2B
30 S2O - 160# Axle
90' Front Rack Walking Lunge


HSPU's took forever. Everything else felt great. Very strict standards. Luckily everyone was having trouble with them. S2O in sets of 5.

Felt something go off in my groin just over halfway with the lunge. Had to grind to finish it out. Hurt reallllly bad.

4th in the event. 

Relaxed for a while and had a trainer work on and tape up my groin. Hurts pretty bad. It is a miracle it recovered enough to go on. Just enough.

Event 7:
4 Rounds For Time:
2 - 15' Rope Climbs
4 - Squat Cleans - 225#


I just went on this one. All climbs done in 2 pulls and the cleans were all fast singles. Just had to grit my teeth.

3rd in the event. 

1st place over all. Going to the Games.

Monday, June 3, 2013

5/22/13 - Taper

5 min. Aerobic Warmup
10 min. Dynamic movement/mobility work.
5-10 min. TNG Box Jump Work
TnG Deadlift x 3; build to moderate
Power Clean + OHSx3: Build to moderate
5 HSPU's Fast x 4; rest 5 sec
Cool Down. Stretching/Mobility

Got to San Antonio around 11:30. Stopped by Mission Crossfit owned by Drew Bignall. Nice place and a super cool dude. Feeling good. Ready to rock.

5/21/13 - Taper

Row 5 min. @ Z1
OHS Warmup with Bar, Good stretch. Nail down your game day warmup.
2 Rope Climbs fast
rest 1 min.
x 3
Row 30 sec @ Jackie Pace
Rest 30 sec x 5
5 CTB Pullups
Rest 10 sec
5 Pistols
Rest 10 sec
5 DB Snatch
Rest 10 sec
10 CTB Pullups
Rest 10 sec
10 Pistols
Rest 10 sec
10 DB Snatch
Rest 10 sec
15 CTB Pullups
Rest 10 sec
15 Pistols
Rest 10 sec
15 DB Snatch
Rest 10 sec
5 CTB Pullups
Rest 10 sec
5 Pistols
Rest 10 sec
5 DB Snatch
Cool Down. Nail down game day PWO/Stretching.

Felt good. Feeling really sharp. Super fired up. Ready to rock.

5/19/13 - AM Testing

Event 6:
For Time:
100 Double Unders
40 T2B
30 S2O - 160# Axle
90' Walking lunge - Front Rack Axle

HSPU's - 20/5's
Didn't feel great today. 33" narrow box.
T2B - 15/10/8/7
Felt great. I can catch up breathing here.
S2O - 5's
Took around 2:00
Lunge - broke once
Took around 1:15

Only about 20 seconds faster than last time,
but reps were way better and I felt much more in control.
Happy with the result. I'll go unbroken on lunges
and faster on HSPU's and S2O on game day.

5/18/13 - AM Training/Testing + PM Testing

OHS - empty bar/from ground -
build to heavy double- not on timer
275 x 2, 285 x 1
Just didn't feel very solid today. So shut it down.

30 BMU for time -regional standards

Slowed way down from the start this time. Did Burpee, the paused then the muscleup. Worked on really using hips for a strong dip. As well as falling straight out of the rings.

for time:
5 squat clean - 225#
5 rope climb -15'
5 squat clean - 235#
4 rope climb
5 squat clean - 245#
3 rope climb
5 squat clean - 255#
2 rope climb
5 squat clean - 265#
1 rope climb


All singles on cleans. Fun workout. Really tough to breathe. Rope climbs are slowly getting better.

5/17/13 - PM Training/Testing

work on pace and breathing after solid warm up:
5 CTB chin ups
rest 10 sec
5 kipping HSPU
rest 10 sec
10 CTB chin ups
rest 10 sec
5 kipping HSPU
rest 10 sec
15 CTB chin ups
rest 10 sec
5 kipping HSPU
rest 10 sec
5 CTB chin ups
rest 10 sec
5 kipping HSPU
rest 10 sec
10 CTB chin ups
rest 10 sec
5 kipping HSPU
rest 10 sec
15 CTB chin ups

Done. Felt pretty good.
Last set of ctbs burned pretty good and forearms were pretty tight.

rest as needed

"jackie" @ 100% effort

3:25 row
Fast thrusters
UB Pullups but had to kip last 4.
Pullups felt slow today.

rest as needed

AD 15 min @ Z1

5/15/13 - AM Training/Testing

DL - build to a tough 3 TNG - NOT a 3RM
405#, felt strong

5,4,3,2,1 @ 95%
burpee muscle up
(DL - 315 start, add 10# per round)

Didn’t go all out. Took my time on the Burpee Muscleups
Went at game pace. Tried to work on a powerful dip with hips.
Also worked on dropping from top and going right into burpee.
Slight pause, then did the muscleup.

Misunderstood this and went directly into part 2

for time @ 100%:
20 HPC - 155#
100 DU's
20 T2B
20 S2O - axle - 160#
100 DU's
Row 300 m

Total Time: 15:30

HPC - 8/5/7
HSPU - 10/5/5
Broke twice in DU's
T2B - 10/8/2
S2O - 5/5/5/5
Broke three times on DU's
Row - Just held on. I was hurting BAD at this point.

No rest made this very difficult. I was a little sloppy but good to
practice the movements under full fatigue.
I realize now that might not have been point today.
With plenty of rest part 2 would have been almost 3-4 minutes faster.

5/14/13 - AM Training + PM Training

1K row @ jackie pace
rest 2 min
1K row time trial


Rest 2 min

First row didn't feel very smooth. Legs felt like they started to burn way too early. Was a little out more out of breathe. I'm fine with it though, because I realized that once I'm off the rower there is less than 2 minutes of work left during Jackie. 

Settled back down pretty quickly for the second row. Started strong and held a 1:31 for the majority of the start. Just kept counting to 10. I never fell off and finished strong. It's not a pr, and I don't know if I was supposed to be close to setting a pr but it hurt like a son of a bitch and it felt good. Happy with this session.

A. TnG Squat Clean - build to a 5RM in max 5 sets

225, 255, 275, 285, 300X (4/5)
Really fired up during this. Flat ran out of gas on the 5th clean at 300.
Still pretty damn happy with that.

for time:
100 WB's at game pace
100 CTB chin ups at game pace


60/20/10/10 on wallballs - 3:44, slower
These felt much harder today than on Saturday.

CTB's - 7:07 - slower
15/10/10/6/ some 5's a bunch of 4's, then 3's, some 2's and singles….
Grip felt strong today, pulling felt like shit. I mean aweful.
I think this was slower than Friday night and it was wayyy harder.
I tried to keep the rest short but it just wasn't there. I was smoked by the end of this.
I was mentally ready to do well, body just didn’t want to today. Still glad to get the work in.

5/12/13 - AM Testing + PM Testing

Event 6:
For Time:
100 Double Unders
40 T2B
30 S2O - 160# Axle
90' Walking lunge - Front Rack Axle

This hurt bad. Well, it was fine until the S2O and lunge.

DU's UB under :60
HSPU's were 20/10/5/5/5/5, took about 2:30, all kip
T2B - 15/10/8/7, took around 1:30
S2O - 10/5/5/5/5 - Felt like long breaks. Probably go to all 5's next time.
Lunges - broke 3 times. Took over 2 minutes. Bad mental breakdown here.
Kept trying to fold arms in front rack because I though it would help. No Go.
Rolled out twice.

I felt like I got through most of the movements well. I just need to be mentally
stronger on the s2o and lunge.
Once again, didn’t feel like I had any fight in me today. Hard to go "there".
This one hurt the most thus far. I don't feel like I've done anythign this painful
in months. Took me a while to recover.

Event 7:
4 Rounds for time:
2 rope climbs - 15'
run 100'
4 squat cleans - 225#
run 100'


Rope climbs felt pretty good. The rope is short so it was swinging all over the place causing problems. I would like to work on the technique I was using today a bit more. It's much faster.

Slow jog between barbell and rope. All singles on barbell. Felt fine. I will try to tng on last round next time. I think I could shave :30 off of this time with some faster running. This one was really fun today. Felt good to end here.

5/11/13 - AM Swim + PM Training

swim - easy and skills

Done. Felt good. Did 10 x 50m @ 90%; rest 1 min.
Then stopped by the gym and worked on some skill work.

AD 30/30 x 10
rest 3 min
Row 40/20 x 6 - use your jackie pace
rest 3 min
row 30/30, get off rower for rest - 30 sec @ 1:36/500 m pace x 6

All done. Felt good. Quads were a little tired today.
Held 87-89 rpm on airdyne. A little more powerful than usual.
Row done @ 1:39-1:40 pace. Felt pretty good.
Rows done @ 1:36, felt fine.