Friday, August 31, 2012

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8/31/12 - Training + Balls Training Session 2

A. Pause above the knee squat snatch 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2; rest 2:30
185, 185, 195, 205, 215x, 215
Felt ok. I need to work
on my positioning in the bottom during my start.
If you watch close you can see my adjust my midline
during the pause.
Lack of mobility causes this in the start.
Don't feel like I'm fully extending very aggressively either.
Maybe should back off on the weight. Thoughts?




215 miss 2nd


B. Seated behind the neck shoulder press 5, 5, 3, 3, 2, 2; rest 2 min
125, 135, 145,155, 165,175
Felt good. There is no cheating in this movement.
I like it. I have to really focus on rotating my scap downward.
I lack some ext. rotation so I get some bump and grind if I'm not careful.

C. TnG deadlift 10, 10, 10, 10, 10; rest 60 seconds
315, 320, 320, 320, 325
Felt like I chose the right weight.
I felt like I was moving slower than I looked on video.
These felt really good today. Lower back never tightened up. It was all glutes and ham
which I guess is that way it's supposed to be.
No joint problems either. Pretty happy. Fired up for later. You think I'm scared? After last weeks session I'm not scared of anything. 

5 sets:

Run 400m for time
Rest EXACTLY 1 minute
4 rounds For time all out:
30 unbroken wall balls
30 unbroken double unders


Run was measured with a wheel but lots of sharp turns. Felt great though! Had a good warmup.

Couplet was rough. I was smoked after the sprint. Tripped on DU's once. Very hard to push to the next round. I was on the ground for a while after this. Legs were exploding.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/29/12 - Swim + Skill Session

Swim 30 min continuous - tech and vary strokes

Worked on bilateral breathing for the first 10 minutes. Then basic freestyle.
Swam a few laps breaststroke. I don't know what I'm doing. 
Did a few laps with the hand fins and buoy. Felt good this morning. Never stopped.
Would like to swim a mile for time some day.

30-45 min skill session - 2-3 main skills max

Practiced some reverse shot toss
with a broken 35# kettlebell with no handle.
Worked on some triple jump for a while as well.
Really need some help with this.
I'm not saying I want to focus on being super explosive right now
but I think this is a skill I need to improve on.
Some minor technique tweaks could save me during an event.
Partner trade off
One person walk as far as possible on hands in three attemps.
Short rest in between attemps.
While the other partner does squats on the indo board. Pretty fun. 

Some videos of a few jumps from the past few weeks. Would love some advice.\

Monday, August 27, 2012

8/28/12 - Training

10 min amrap @80%
Airdyne 20 calories
10 thrusters 95#
10 chin ups
4+20 cal
All unbroken. Airdyne felt good.
Body was pretty stiff today. Hard to get moving at first.
Felt good after first 2 rounds.
Rest 5 min
10 min amrap @80%
Run 200m
16 walking lunges
8 KB snatch 1.5 (4/hand)
6 rounds
Run felt good. Last set was a little sluggish.
Rest 5 min
10 min amrap @80%
Row 250
10 wall balls
10 hang power clean 95#
4 + 250m
Row was around 1:50-1:55
Did hang power cleans first by accident.
Power cleans were easy. Wall balls were easy.
Felt pretty tired and sluggish on this one.
By this point I was it was hard to stay mentally focused. 
Haven't done a session like this in a while. Next weeks will be better.

8/27/12 - Training


A. Power clean; build to a tough single
305#, 315#x
Just below parallel on 315. Felt great today.
So went for the PR. Just missed it.

315 Power clean miss

B. Amrap power cleans in 3 min @90% of A
C. Amrap power cleans in 2 min @80% of A
D. Amrap power cleans in 1 min @70% of A


Went back to back on these. Felt like I gave everything. Looking back on video doesn't seem like it though.Tried not to squat clean any. The last 275 power clean was caught just at parallel. Either way, felt strong today. Fun session.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

8/25/12 - Training

Run 1 min @80%
Walk 1 min
Row 500m @70%
Rest 2 min
Row 500m @80%
Rest 2 min
Row 500m@90%
Rest 4 min
Airdyne 15 min z1 cool down

1:50 - 70%
1:40-1:45 - 80%
1:35-1:36 - 90%
both sets the same

Felt good. Last 90% was kinda tough.
These were definitely effort based today.
Didn't feel very strong.

Friday, August 24, 2012

8/24/12 - AM Training + PM Test

A. Pause above the knee squat snatch 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2; rest 2:30
*Misread earlier and paused at knee.

205, 210, 215
Felt ok not great. Good tech work.

185 x 3

205 x 3

215 x 2

B. Weighted dip 3, 2, 1; rest 2 min
70#, 80#, 105#
All pretty easy. 

C. TnG power clean 5, 5, 5; rest 60 seconds
These felt good. Sharp

Feel kinda sick today. A little run down.
Going to play part 2 by ear.

Airdyne 1 min for max calories
Rest EXACTLY 1 minute
For time all out:
Thrusters 115#
Toes to bar

30 cal
This was aweful.
I mean aweful.
Just tried to get through the 2nd part. Legs were smoked at the start.
Airdyne absolutely wiped me. Loved the session. Can't wait for next weeks.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/22/12 - Recovery Swim + Skill Session

20 min z1 continuous swim

Felt great at 20 min. so went ahead and completed 1k.
Super pumped about this! Can't wait to TT.
500m at around 11:40
Going to learn to flip turn soon. I would like to get sub 20 for my next 1K TT.

20 min skill session/mobility/movement
Threw the football for a little while. 
Practiced triple unders. Was getting up to sets of 7.
Learned I need to use my shoulders more to keep slack out of the rope.
Trying to use my wrist doesn't seem to spin the rope fast enough yet.
I'm better at them with my heavy rope.
Did some handstand walking. Walked probably 80' a few times.
Practiced turning around. Getting much better at it.
Did 1 set of max unbroken double unders.
325. PR. Now my calves are sore. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

8/19/12 - Summer Crush Games Day 2

Summer Crush Games Day 2

Woke up feeling a little groggy.
Slept well but kinda tired.
Took a while to get going. Posterior chain is really sore.

Event 4:
10 reps GTS 40# - 2 carries
8 reps GTS 70#
6 reps GTS 90#
4 reps GTS 114#
3 reps GTS 145#
2 reps GTS 173#

7:25, 14th

Came out with an aggressive pace.
Just tried to keep up with another strong competitor in my heat.
It turned into a race. Then I ran out of gas. Missed a rep on the 145#.
Cleaned the 173# fine but the carry was slow.
I dropped it 3 times. I was completely smoked.
I was hurting bad after this. Kind of surprised me.
Normally I thought I would do well on this type of event.

Event 5:
For Time:
5 Muscle-ups 2 Front Squats 205#
4 Muscle-ups 4 Front Squats 205#
3 Muscle-ups 6 Front Squats 205#
2 Muscle-ups 8 Front Squats 205#
1 Muscle-ups 10 Front Squats 205#

3:13, 5th

All unbroken. No chalk. Just stayed smooth.
Had to clean the bar from the ground.
Only reason I was beat was because I didn't run back and forth between movements.
I could have pushed harder on the squats. I was no where close to failure.
Felt the best after this event. Recovered very fast. Didn't hurt at all.

Event 6:
For time, perform wearing 15# vest:
20 Pistols (must alternate legs)
100 Double Unders
then “Isabel”
30 Power Snatches 135 / 95

6:36. 6th

Got the vest on fairly quick. Pistols went really well.
No missed reps and smooth.
Double unders were very difficult with the conditions.
Weightlifting shoes, springy plywood, and a bouncing vest.
Broke 4 times. Was having to donkey kick and started to wear me out.
Did 1 set of 3 tng, 1 set of 2 tng, then all singles. Just tried to stay on the bar.
This was a grind at this point. Race to the finish.

11th place. Not happy with the result.
Happy with how my body felt this weekend. Not too sore.
Very unhappy with my mistake on the rope climbs and how heavily they were weighted. It cost me dearly.
Not happy that I had to do an extra event that didn't count but that was out of anyones control.
Not happy that they didn't reseed the heats after each event. I was calling the experimental heat all weekend.
I definitely think that makes a difference.
I think the judging was extremely fair. Probably the best I have ever seen.
Yes, way better than any regional I have been too. Why? Probably because of the movements.
The event was ran very well. Plenty of available trainers/medics/supplies for the competing athletes.
Made a bunch of new friends. Learned a lot about my self and competition.
Next step, back to my original training goals, OPT Big Dawg Bash, and possibly the OC Throwdown.

The pond is growing bigger every day. I'll just have to grow with it.

8/18/12 - Summer Crush Games Day 1

Summer Crush Games
Event 1:
For time, perform:
24 Deadlifts 155 / 95
18 Hang Cleans 155 / 95
12 Press anyway 155 / 95
25 Box Jumps 30”/24”
25 Calorie Row
25 Box Jumps 30”/24”
12 Press Anyway
18 Hang Cleans
24 Deadlifts

9:19, 7th

Deadlifts unbroken
hang cleans 10/7/1
Push jerks 6/6
box jumps at a steady pace
row was slow, used it to cool down
box jumps at a steady pace
6/6 on push jerks
6/6/6 on hang cleans
deadlifts were 10/14

This hurt bad when I was finished. Last few deadlifts were ugly.
I felt I paced this great. At some point could be faster on box jumps.
Also could have broke into larger sets on cleans.
Other than that no too unhappy. Very painful. Took me a while to recover.

Event 2:
2 min. AMRAP: Rope climbs - 15'
No rest
3 rds for time:
6 HSPU (kipping allowed)
12 Two - Arm KB ground to overhead 66# / 44#
18 WBS (males 20# at 12'), (females 16# @ 11’)

7 climbs, 26th
5:38, 3rd

Did 7 rope climbs at an easy pace.
Felt almost 100% starting part 2.

Part 2 was everything unbroken except last set of wall balls.
Did probably 10 wall ball then had to break. Was starting to miss reps.
Ball was not going high enough. Pretty tough. I was jumping a foot in the air trying to hit the target.
This hurt like hell afterwards. Took a while to recover. Not sure where I could have speed up on this one.
Went into it thinking that going easy on the climbs wouldn't hurt me.
Big mistake. This pretty much cost me the weekend.
Rope climbs were heavily weighted. The best was 11,10,9,8.
Problem was is that 25 other people did better than 7 climbs. So I got 26 points. Huge lesson learned.

Event 3:
4 rds for time:
80 yard run
12 Log Cleans 135 / 85
12 Double Log Jump Burpees

Cleans were easy. Burpees were really tough. Run were recovery.
I was dead tired at this point. Just pretty much fried from the first two events.
During the start of my last round they announced 10 seconds left.
Supposed to be an 11 minute cap but they stopped us at 8:30 because of the lightning.
Everyone was pissed. I was ahead in my heat. We were the only heat to go.
Then they decided to go ahead and cancel that entire event. Crap.
Had a good dinner. Didn't over eat. Was in bed by 9:30.

Got around 9 hours.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8/15/12 - Testing / Comp Prep

A. Build to a tough single power clean (not a 1rm)
225#, 255#, 275#, 295# Felt good. Plenty more.

Row 2k for time
2 second PR from all time best.
Hurt like hell afterwards. Needed it though. Was pretty wrecked. Breathing felt great!

Rest 10 min
5 min max reps double unders

Very tough. I was wiped after the row. Could only hold sets of 30 and 20. Calves were cramping up.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8/14/12 - Training

Run 400m @90%, 95%, 100%
Rest 3 min


Felt really good today. Legs were smoked last 100m
Recovered super fast. Feeling good. Best 400 is :59 fresh.

30 min skill work

Worked on some muscleups
Practiced 2 hand KB snatch from ground to over head with 2pd
Did some rope climbs. Then a few 1 min. AMRAP rope climbs

Monday, August 13, 2012

8/13/12 - Training

A. Squat clean gauntlet; on the 30 seconds 1 clean, starting at 185
(add 10 pounds per 30 sec)
Ended at 315#. Cleans felt pretty good today. Pulls felt strong.
Squat did not. That was my limiter today.
My lower back is a little sore still from Fridays deadlifts.
I guess I'm happy with that for every 30 seconds and not much heavy lifting lately

B. 10-1 unbroken CTB chin ups for time
Felt good. Maaaybe could have pushed a little harder in the beginning.
Either way, felt sharp. Grip was a little tired from the cleans. 

Practiced some double unders with a vest and weightlifting shoes. Don't like.
Pistols hurt my rip hip right now. I might practice some tomorrow and just leave it.
I only have to do 20.

Decided to do a 2:00 AMRAP rope climbs afterwards to feel it out.
Started and after my first climb I was 15' up on my second and THE FREAKIN ROPE CAME UNTIED.
Everythings fine though. When I fell I landed like spiderman. Close one. Really wish I filmed it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

8/12/12 - Testing

10 min airdyne for max calories

Not happy at all. Obviously thought I would get more. I expected more.
Don’t feel like I pushed hard enough throughout. Finished strong with 2 min. left. Tried to follow 30 sec on/off. Just felt like quads were a limiter. 
Recovered very quickly. Felt more like a 90-95% effort with a tough finish. 
Still learning. Would love to restest this.

Friday, August 10, 2012

8/10/12 - Training + Testing

A. Build to a tough single power snatch
185#, 195#, 205#, 215#, 225#
This was good. Felt sharp. Called it at 225#.

B. Build to a tough single incline bench
Hand shoulder width. Felt awkward.

C. Build to a tough single front squat
315#, 335#, 355#, 365#
Went up easy, felt good. Saved some.

Good session. Right hip flexor is a little tight
but other than that body feels good.

3 rounds for time:
7 DL 345#
7 muscle ups
Rest 1 min
3 rounds for time:
21 wall balls
21 toes to bar

Part 1 - 4:26
Held back a little bit to save for part 2.
Really surprised with how good the deadlifts felt.
Muscle ups were ok. Swinging around to much.

Part 2 - 8:00
Not happy. Wallballs were fine. Broke on round 2 and 3
Toes 2 bar were a mess. No endurance whatsoever.
Excited to work on these. I want to be able to crush this workout.

Total Time was 13:10

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8/8/12 - Training

6:00 AM, fasted BCAA's
Swim 500m @90%
Rest 10 min

13:00 each.
Felt almost effortless. So pumped to have completed these.
Never swam that far non stop before. I can't WAIT to test a 1K.
I know they're not blazing times so definitely looking for more improvement.
I'm just pumped on how good I felt after completing each one.

Skill session 90 min (include rope climbs)

Mountain biked for about 45 min.
Worked on reverse med ball throw with 10#
Practiced some standing triple jump. Needs work.
Rope Climb Practice - Spent probably 30 minutes working on the wrap technique. Learned a lot. Good session tonight. Feeling good. 

Right hip flexor is a little flared up but should be good to go by Friday. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8/7/12 - Testing

3 Rounds for time:
30 Squat Cleans (95, 65)
30 Pullups
Run 800m


First round of squat cleans were 15/10/5. Then sets of 5 for the rest. Pullups were sets of 10.

Squat cleans felt good. Back started to get tired on 10 or more reps. So I switched to 5 reps at a time.

Pullups felt great. First run was a little tight. Second was better. Last run was rough the first 400m, but had enough to stride it out in the end. Recovered very fast. Ran another 800m after finishing to help training partner wrap it up.

Overall felt pretty good today. Body is recovering well. Excited for the swim tomorrow.

Monday, August 6, 2012

8/6/12 - Training/Testing

10 min bike ride - easy pace

A. Atlas stone practice 15 min
Spent probably 20 min. playing around with stones.
Shouldered and walked with the 200# a few times.
Practiced throwing it over my shoulder several times.
No problems there.

30 power snatch for time 165#

Did 2 sets of 3 tng then all singles.
Probably wasted the most time in the beginning.
Felt better about this one.
Probably do all singles next time.
Had a belt on at first and realized it was slowing me down more than helping.
Didn't chalk up at all this time either. Tried to just stay on the bar.
Felt good today. Back feels healthy. Ready to attack tomorrow.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

8/4/12 - Training

For 4 rounds, with a 3 min countdown clock
Row 250m
10 burpees
(score at the end of the 4 rounds is a 1k row)



First two rounds felt great.
Legs were gone 100m in on the last 2 rounds.
Burpees were nice to have as a recovery.
Walked about 600m directly after finishing.
Helped with recovery.
Cramping in the legs and feet for a few minutes after.

Celebrating 1 year tonight with Brandi. Going to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner. Should be great.

Felt good to go fast today. It's been FOREVER. Feeling good right now. Ready for Monday.

8/4/12 - Training + Testing

A. Build to a tough clean and jerk fast
225#, 255#, 275#, 295#

All were pretty easy. 295# was the only one I squat cleaned.
Do not feel very explosive right now. Called it at 295 to be safe with my back.

B. Build to a tough single back squat
315#, 335#, 355#, 375#, 385#
These felt awesome. Really surprised me. 385 went up really easy.
Tried to slow down a bit and hit ass to grass. Felt great.

C. Build to a tough single weighted chin up
70#, 88#, 93# (pronated), 106# (mixed grip)
Rope climb 20'
Front squat 275

Bummer, really dissapointed. Had a huge meltdown on round 4.
That round probably took me 8 minutes.
Had a quick hissy fit then just moved on.
Front squats were easy and felt really good.
I was trying a different technique during the round of 5 & 4 and it just plain wore me out.
20' is a lot higher than I'm used to. That extra 2 pulls at the top just got me.
My upper body just blew up. Lesson learned.
Looking forward to tackling this weakness.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

8/1/12 - Swim + Recovery/Skill Session

Swim 200m @90%
Rest 3 min

Done at 6:30 am this morning. Fasted
Woke up feeling great. Legs are pretty sore though.
Specifically glutes and adductors.

Did some streamline balance drills for warmup.
All sets done around 4:45 - 5:00

Not blazing times but I am STOKED about completing all of these.
I have never swam 200m non stop. Huge improvement.
Recovery after each set was great. Breathing was under control for every set.
Worked on bilateral breathing as well. Getting more comfortable with it.

Finished with some drills. Put a bouy between my legs and threw on the hand fins.
Great practice. I tend to pull early with my left hand while breathing on my right side.
This helped me balance a little bit to lengthen my strides.

Fun morning.

Skill session 90 min

Mountain Biked for about 30 min. Then threw the football for a while.
Practiced some reverse shot toss with a 10# med ball.
Worked on the standing triple jump. Did some single leg bounding drills for warmup.
Practice the wrap technique with rope climbs. I need to figure out the most comfortable setup. That was is muuuuch more efficient but chews up your legs. I might wrap a towel around my leg or something.
Goofed around on the indo board for a while. OHS 65# on it. Getting pretty comfortable on it.
Fun day. Legs are still really really sore. Adductors are shredded. Back feels better. Lats are a little sore but will be good by Friday.