Friday, November 21, 2014

11/17/14 - 11/23/14 Training

gymnastics work

Done. Great session.

Wall Facing HSPU's:

A.  Snatch balance + OHS (1+1) x 5 sets.. nothing over 80% here.. hold OHS for 5 sec. in bottom

Stopped at 185#. Damn I feel so tight in overhead squats right now. Wasn't anywhere near a max or anything, just didn't feel healthy.

B.  BB back rack box step ups @ 24”  @ 115-165# x 5/side x 5 sets
165# for all sets. 24" is a bit much here. Used 20. Kept getting out of position on 24".

C.  Hip Clean x 3 x 4 sets.. nothing over 75% of clean
Up to 235#. Felt good.

Hip Cleans:

14 minutes on the clock
50m FW @ 100#/hand
6 Mu
50m sled push @ tough weight
9 FS @205#
50 double unders

2 rounds + 50M sled. Not crazy pace here. Just kept moving. Used a 70# + 35# KB and carried that in each hand. Pretty tough. SHoulders felt TOAST from volume of gymn for some reason. A lot of swinging earlier today.

10 minute warm up
15 sec. on the AD @ max effort.. get 10+ cal
rest 1:45
x10 sets

Done. Felt strong. Highest 18 cal, lowest was 15 cal. This started to hurt. I went hard.

A. BN Clean grip push press x 5 x 3 sets.. hold each rep for 3 sec. OH

Up to 245#. Felt strong.

B. Power Snatch off blocks @ knee x 2-3 singles x 4 sets @ 70-80%.. nothing over 80%
Stopped at 185. Shoulders felt not so great today. Just wanted to stay fast. Backed weight off and tried some new tech as well. You can see the diff in the video. Better turnover.

C. 1/4 FS @ 90% of clean x 5 x 3 sets. hold final rep for 10 sec. in front rack
330. Woof. 

3 rounds @ 80% effort… maintenance today.. nothing pushing too hard
20 cal AD
20 kb swings, 55#
10 cal row
10 HSPU - Strict
rest 3 minutes bt. rounds

2:50, 2:27, 2:10

All rounds unbroken and smooth. Felt great to breath here. LOVE these sessions. 


done. Great session. Did this before PM. Combined today since volume is low.

A.  SPU - by feel - x 3 x 4 sets
Up to 135. Felt great. Spent A LOT of time warming up the OHS/snatch position. However I was using a little hip to move the bar.

B.  Front rack bulgarian split squats x 5/side x 3 sets
Used two 44# KB's in the front rack. Love these squats. Felt healthy.

C.1  DB bent over row x 5/side x 4 sets

85-90# for all sets.

C.2  laying banded lat pull down x 10 x 4 sets… I will send video for this.. drill to build pull through uprise

Done. Neat.

Training Mon - Wed vids:

60 minute hike and recovery
Went and swim instead. Aint no where to hike around here. Good drill warmup, then hit 500m nonstop easy pace. Around 11:00. Man lats aren't conditioned for distance, just alittle burn the whole time. Reminds me of being on the airdyne for the first time. That annoying crampy feeling.

gymnastics work

A. Snatch squat press x 3 x 4 sets
B.  BN PJ + BN SJ (1+1) x 4-5 sets @ 75%
C. Box squats @ 60% x 2 reps on the minute x 12 minutes… can add chains onto the barbell if you have them
3 rounds
10 squat clean thrusters, 135#
15 barbell facing burpees
20 pull ups
rest 3 minutes bt. rounds..

*if you are feeling good here.. then go for it on last round

A.  Snatch pull off blocks @ 95% x 5 x 4 sets
Went from ground. Pull felt strong. Used straps as well. Wanted a change.

B.  Hip Clean x 3 x 4 sets.. nothing over 75%
225, 235, 245, 250.
Felt strong.

C.  Good morning x 8x  3 sets
95, 115, 135. Felt great.

Added in 3 x 10 GH raises as well.

Afternoon - AE work
skill work to put in here
strict freestanding HSPU work
strict freestanding Handstand holds

Great practice here. I was getting two or three freestanding. It's going to get better each week if I stay on it. My freestanding handstand is WORLDS better. 

15 minutes on AD
30 sec. sled sled push @ tough weight
30 sec. @ 10-12 cal
30 sec. double kb front rack hold @ 55#hand

8 rounds. I like this.

rest 3 minutes

Was training with a bunch of friends and I swapped the second AMRAP for this..
For Time:
50 cal Row
50 GHD's
50 Wallball - 20#- 10'
50 Box Jump overs - 24"
200 DU's - heavy rope

14:12, felt pretty good. Didn;t go nuts, just nice and smooth. 

15 minutes
15 ghd sit ups
8 Hang power cleans @ 135#
5 box jumps w/ step down @ 24"

mobility work for 60 minutes + 30 minute light AD or walk or hike

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