Sunday, January 11, 2015

1/5/15 - 1/11/15 - Training

3 minutes on the AB - holding over 300 watts whole time
rest 2 minutes - 
6 rounds

Done. Felt great. Just did sustainable effort on A/D, no wattage calculator.

gymnastics work
Done. Great session

A.  Snatch balance + OHS; 1+1 x 7 sets.. building across the board from last week.. each OHS is 3-5 sec. hold in bottom.. get to rock bottom here
275! Huge improvement here. Actually missed 265, got pissed and did 275.

HEre's 255. 

B.  Clean @ 70-75% x 2 TnG reps on the minute x 8 minutes
255 - 275. Felt strong.

9 minutes on the clock for max reps
20 hang squat cleans @ 225
30 MU
max cal on AD in remanding time

34 cals. Ouch. 5,4,4,4,3 on SC's, 5,4, then 3's and 2's on MUs. Fun workout.

10 minute row warm up
30 sec. row sprint @ max effort
rest 5 minutes
x3 sets
10 minute cool down

195, 195, 194
Yum. this was all out.
*look to get faster then last week for the 30 sec. rows

A.  BN Strict Press - build to max in 4 attempts
B.  Power Clean off blocks - w/ vertical shin position; 70%x5, 75%x5, 80%x5, 85%x5
C.  SDL; 90%x5, 95%x5, 100%x5, 105%x5x2.. all slow TnG… focus on positions and lowering to proper set up

A. 195. Positioning is tough for me on this. 235 is best ever press from front.

B. 245, 260, 275, 290. Boom felt strong.

C.  255, 275, 285, 295

3 rounds @ 85% effort
10 ring dips
10 HPC @ 115#
10 S2OH @ 115#
500m row
50 double unders
rest time = work time

Got faster each set. Sub 1:40 for rows. Felt really fast and strong tonight.

60 minutes on the AD… easy effort when on the bike… holding a conversation type pace
Done early AM. Felt good.

gymnastics work

Done. Strong.

A.  Muscle Snatch + High Hang Snatch; 2+3 x 5 sets.. building across the board from last week
B.  Back rack FFESS x 5/side x 4 sets
*after each set do 3 depth jumps onto a box (off a 20” box.. jump onto high box.. but keep reaction time on the ground fast and responsive)
C.  1/4 FS x 5 reps x 3 sets @ 90-105% of clean
D.  BB bent over row x 5 x 3

A. 145. Kept it light and fast. Felt really good.
B. Up to 185. Got tough. Glutes are sore.
C. Done. Fine. 335-385
D. 185, 205, 245

swim day -
100m swim
rest 60 seconds
x5 sets
rest as needed
25m swim - arms only
rest 45 sec. x 4
25m swim - kicking only
rest 45 sec. x 4

Done. All 100's under 2:00 felt smooth.

gymnastics work
Did a bit of it before and after PM sesh. Holy volume on this today. Lot's of upper push and pull

A.  Snatch; 70%x5, 75%x5, 80%x5, 85%x5 - look to do all 5’s as EmOM, then rest 2 minutes bt. % increase

200, 215, 230, 245 for 5's. Felt GGREAT!!!

B.  Power Jerk + OHS; 65%x3+1, 70%x3+1, 75%x2+1, 80%x2+1, 85%x1+1 (if you need to widen grip for OHS then rack it and go from BN with wider grip

Up to 255. 10# more than last week and felt great!

C.  Box Squat w/ resistance; 2 reps on the 50 sec. x 12 sets @ 60%

275, no resistance but jumped out fast.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: @ 80% effort
5 handstand push-ups
10 one-legged squats, alternating
15 pull-ups 

12 + 5 hspu's at easy pace. Hands are destroyed. First time doing pistols in a while. Still suck at them. Blew up lower back. Breathing was easy on this though. Pullups felt strong.

500m row @ 1:39/500
rest 2 minutes
x8 sets

Done after lifting. Felt GREAT. No issues.

A. PC - off blocks @ knee - 2 singles @ 80% - on the minute x 8 minutes
Done. All at 275. Hands hurt so bad. Hips felt strong but couldn't grip.

B. Snatch RDL; 95%x5, 100%x5, 105%x5 x 2
Done. Lord. Ouch. Used straps.

C. CDL  - work up to a tough single in this.. but it must mimic your set up and pull for the clean.. if your hips shoot to much or bar gets away from you then it’s over

DL'd 305 once and called it. Can't grip.

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