Thursday, September 18, 2014

9/15/14 - 9/21/14 - Recovery

Gymnastics work
A.  BS; 23x1 tempo x 5 reps x 4 sets.. go off feel here and what feels good
B.1  Pendlay row x 5 reps @ 21x2 x 4 sets
B.2  Feet elevated ring row x am rap @ 21x2 x 4 sets
C. Sled push - 15 sec. @ moderate weight x 4 sets, rest 1:45.. go off feel for weight

A. BS done with 315. Felt really good. Knees are feeling strong again.
B1/B2. Done up to 205# for rows, 10-12 reps for each ring row.
C. Skipped.

10 minute swim warm up
50m swim (rest 30 sec.)
x5 sets
25m underwater swim on the 90 seconds
x5 sets

Done. Felt pretty good. Did this in the AM instead of PM. Was a little tired after the 50's as I was trying to keep with the flip turn. It's faster, definitely not more efficient yet. Fun to work on though.

A.  Dl @ 75% of clean x 8 reps x 3 sets
B.  Snatch pull x 3 x 4 sets.. based off feel here
C.  10 minute EMOM
odd = 10 gH raises
even = 30 sec. hollow rock

A. 275, felt strong and fast.
B. Up to 225, worked on speed and strong back.
C. No GHD, so modified with partner hamstring eccentric curls.

40 minute steady AB.. easy effort
Done. Nice. Mitochondria.

gymnastics work
A. BN Jerk grip push press x 3 x 3-5 sets.. based off feel
B. BS; 23x1 tempo x 2 reps x 6 sets.. based off feel here
10 minute easy effort
4 pendlay rows
15 doubel unders
10m yoke walk - based off feel
15 cal on AB
2 TGU (1/arm)

Done in PM:
Gym. work done. Felt great! Wrist is slowly coming along.
A. up to 265. Felt strong. 
B. Up to 325. Feeling strong again.
4 rounds. 2 pd KB, 135# rows (too light), 300# yoke. Fun. Felt good to move. Energy is coming back slowly.
Rode bike for 10 minutes
4 sets with Brandi:
3 min A/D @ 85-90%
2 min. spin @ 50%
7075 cal per set.

10 minute swim warm up
25m swim on the 45 sec. x 4
50m swim on the 90 seconds x 4
75m swim on the 2:30 x 4

Skipped. Swimming with a buddy tomorrow on rest day.


A.  BS; x 2 reps x 6 sets - go off feel.. don’t push your CNS too much
B.  Strict pull up x (-2)amrap x 5 sets.. go off feel here.. 
C.  BS w/ chains to a box x 2 reps on the 45 seconds x 8 sets

Done. Worked up to 325 for a double. Felt ok. Skipped Pullups as I did a ton in Gymnastics work and it irritated elbow a bit.
Instead of More BS I did a few sets of 5 CGBP @ 185#

A.  Snatch grip DL x 3 reps x 4-5 sets
B.  Clean lift off + clean pull (1+1) x 3 sets.. pause for 2 sec. over the knee with the CLO
C.  10 minute EmOM
odd = 5 DL
even = 10 push ups

A. Up to 295, Felt really, really good.
B. Up to 315. Felt strong. 
C. EMOM: Used 425 for DL's. Felt good today so pulled some weight. Used these little perfect push up things I've got. Awesome.

295 SN DL:

315 CLO + Cln Pull

EMOM Bits:

60 minute "un-wired" hike

Short on time. Rowed for 20:00 at 1:58, easy pace. Finished 5,062m



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