Monday, September 22, 2014

9/22/14 - 9/28/14 - Recovery

gymnastics work
A.  BS; X3X1 tempo x 3 reps x 5 sets.. go off feel.. 55-75% of 1 rm.. targeted is more 70-75%
B.1  7 strict CTB pull up x 4 sets, rest 60 seconds
B.2  GHD sit up x 20 reps x 4 sets, rest 60 seconds
C.  Sled push - 20 sec. @ grinder effort, rest 2 minutes x 4-5 sets

325, 325, 345, 345, 345. These felt great! Knees are a little tender today.
B1/B2. All sets UB on CTB but had to stall some. GHD decent. Don't dothese much. Not very fast at them.
C. Bam! This was fun! Felt good to hurt a bit. Got lactic. Awesome training session. 
*Did all the Mon. Gymnastics work from last week. Wrist felt great! Didn't even use wraps either! Progress.

10 minute swim warm up
25 m swim on the 60 seconds x 5
rest 2 minutes
50m swim on the 90 seconds x 3
rest 2 minutes
75m swim on the 2:30 x 3
rest 2 minutes
25m underwater swim on the 90 second x 3

Done this AM. 25's were smooth. about :22. 50's were done with flip turn, about :45-:50. 
75's felt great. Around 1:15-1:20 with a quick turn and push off. Looking forward to the 500m TT. Lats are going to be screaming. I'm not in "Distance" swimming shape. Could still pull off a PR though.
25m underwaters were good. Last one hurt so bad. Started to get dizzy. Awesome morning.

A.  DL; @ 78% (cluster) 1.1.1 x 4, rest 15 sec., rest 2 minutes *concentric portion only here
B.  Snatch lift off + Snatch pull (3+2) x 4 sets.. pause for 2 sec. @ knee for SLO… targeted training here is 80-85%.. go off feel if you need to
C.  DB bent over row x 5/side @ 21x2 tempo x 4 sets
D.  Half kneeling landline press x 5/side x 3… just see how this feels out the shoulder is here

2 minute AD ride
2 minute row
1 minute rest
x6 rounds

*70% effort here.. steady breathing

Combined sessions. 
A.  425# for working sets. Felt strong. Had to set down metals in my garage. Don't want to break Gymmy. (That's my gyms name)
B. 205, 235, 235, 235. This felt great. HEre's vid.

C. 85# DB for all sets.
D. With barbell, 45#, 55#, 60#. These felt awesome. Big fan.

AER Intervals:
45-50 cals on A/D each set
Row was held at 1:45-1:47. A little above 70% but I was feeling good. All aerobic.

Good day today. Hip Flexors and abs are sore from GHDs.

gymnastics work
A.  BN jerk grip push press x 3 reps x 5 sets.. nothing over 70% here… hold each rep OH for 2 sec.
B.  BS; 5XX1 tempo x 5 reps x 4 sets
C.  Clean pull off 3” riser @ 80% x 4 reps x 3 sets

swim -
500m TT

Had to switch Wednesday and Thursday. Had a family emergency and didn't sleep Tuesday night so I took wed as a rest day. Did Wed on Thursday.

A. 235,245,255,265,275. All sets were tng except 275. Had to stop and pause for rerack.

B. Used 275 for back squats here. Knees are tender from Monday session. Pause in the bottom irritates.

C. 295# for all sets. Felt strong.

Rest an hour

9:40, lifetime pr but I will crush this next time. About 100m in my feet started cramping and it made it tough to flutter kick. I couldn't straighten my feet. I backed off and went about 90%. I swam 100m for warmup, did everything right, I could just feel the accumulation of the stress from the last two days kick in. No worries here. I can break 9 next time. Which is a great sign. Swimming is getting better.

off - 40-60 minute hike

gymnastics work
A.  BS; 2 reps x 6 sets.. build upon last week a bit here
B.  Squat snatch press x 4 reps x 4 sets.. hold each rep for 2 sec. OH.. see how this feels on wrist and arm… light weight
C.1  Pendlay row @ X1X2 x 5 reps x 4 sets, rest 30 seconds
C.2  Weighted CtB pull up x 3 reps x 4 sets (after 3rd rep do a 10 sec. chin over bar hold)

12 minutes - steady effort
50 ft. sled push @ 5 plates on top
2 TGU (1/side)
15 double unders
5 strict T2B
15 calories on AB

Combined sessions. Had enough time to hit it hard.
A. Skipped as I BS'd thursday. Adding it in tomorrow.
B. Just the bar. In flats. I want trevor mobility. Working on it. No pain. Good. Incomplete Sentences.
C1. Up to 205#.
C2. Up to 10#. Going easy on elbow. Felt pretty good.
4 rounds + 10 DU's. Sled was a biotch. Just dragged because I didn't want to get the yoke out.

Good day. Felt good.

A.  DL; 63% x 3 reps on the 45 seconds x 10 sets
B.  3 position snatch pull (ground, below knee, above knee) -1+1+1 x 3 sets @ 80%
C.  Strict DB shoulder press x 5 reps x 4 sets.. tempo is 41X2.. feel this out here

A. 340#, felt like a toy. Pulling feels good.

B. 225# for all sets. This felt reaaaally good.

C** BS from yday: Doubles up to 365#. Felt ok. Kinda heavy after all the pulling. HEaviest I've squatted in over a month though.
C. DB SP: 65#, Waawaaweewa shoulder jack. Felt good to pump. "Ahnold, Ahnold, Ahnold"

60 minute hike

Long walk w/ dog, no hike. There's nothing but concrete here.



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