Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/15/14 - 12/21/14 - Training

1K row @ 1:58 pace
rest 1 minute
1K row @ 1:54 pace
rest 1 minute
1K row @ 1:48 pace
rest 1 minute
1K row @ 1:42 pace

Done. 1:42 was a little spicy. No issues here though. Felt good.

gymnastics work
Done immediately after rows. Felt great!

A.  Snatch balance + OHS; 3+2 x 2 sets then 1+1 x 4-6 sets.. work on new catch with flexed wrist
Stayed light here. Up to 225. Felt tight and heavy today. Shoulders are a little tired from so much OHS work.

B.  BB back rack angled box step ups @ 24” x 5/side x 4 sets… step to 45 degree angle.. not box @ 45 degree angle

135, 155, 165, 185. Felt strong. 20" box.

C.  1” Clean - 8 total reps @ 80% (lift bar 1” off ground pause and then clean… this works with tightness off ground)
295#. Felt pretty heavy today.

For time:
60 barbell facing burpees
30 OHS @ 135#
15 MU 

9:22, Burpees in about 4:30-4:45. 12/10/8 on OHS. Slow here. 6/5/4 on MU's felt strong. This stung but was fun.

10 minute warm up - 
20 sec. AD sprint @ max effort
rest 2:40
x10 sets

Done. Really powerful this morning. On my A/D 20-21 cals per set. 24 last set. 

A.  BN squat jerk + frt rack SJ (1+2) x 3-4 sets… off feel
Up to 275. Felt decent. Actually push jerked by mistake.

B.  Power Clean - 85% x 8 total reps.. done as doubles in the beginning
Used 300# for all sets. Feeling good.

C.  Snatch grip rDL x 5 reps x 3 sets @ 90% of snatch
255#. Strong.

20 minutes on the clock - top of every 5 minutes complete the following:
600m row
10 db power snatch; 70#
15 ring dips

3:12, 3:10, 3:12, 3:00
Felt strong on these. Everything fast. About 1:50 row pace.

40 minute steady AD ride
every 5th minute get off and complete the following:
10 ghd sit ups
50 ft. handstand walk

Done. No room for HS walk so practice HS Hold. 

gymnastics work
Combined with PM. AWESOME work on this stuff today. 

A.  Front rack bulgarian split squat x 5/side x 3 sets.. build a bit from last week
135# for all sets.

B.  Snatch squat press x 3 x 3.. hold each rep OH for 2 sec.
Super light here. Really trying to fix this position. 65# for all sets.

C.  1/4 FS @ 105% of clean x 5 x 3 sets
Used 365# here. Didn't do last weeks and didn't want to over do it. These are brutal.

D.  Weighted pull up x 5 reps x 5 sets 
15,20, 25, 30, 35. Full ROM completely strict. NO PAIN IN ELBOW!! Felt really good. Also did 7 legless rope climbs in the gymnastics on the :45. 

active recovery day here…. 
pool day here - 
10 minutes - max distance

500m in about 10:30. Chest is sore today from maltese pushups. Hammered them super strict yesterday. New motivation and respect for the movements after finishing Sommer's book. 

7 rounds - 
250m row @ 1:25/500 pace
30 double unders
60 sec. plank hold
rest 90 seconds

Was able to hold pace for first 3 rounds then fell to 1:27-1:28. Was having to take a big break between DU's and plank. This was tough!

gymnastics work

Done. Great session.

A.  Snatch; 80-85% x 10-12 total reps.. done as doubles in the beginning.. then switch to singles
Up to 235. Felt heavy today. Missed 240 once. Called it there. Felt off. 235 felt good though.

B.  BN PJ + BN SJ (1+2) x 3 sets
255, 275, 285
Felt heavier than normal. Sharp though. Went from the front rack for split jerks. Misread.

C.  Box squat x 2 reps @ 63% on the minute x 10 minutes

285. Felt good. Did 3, oops.

In front of a clock set for 12 minutes with a 135-lb. barbell:
1 minute of squat cleans 
1 minute of push jerks 
2 minutes of calories on AD
2 minutes of thrusters 
3 minutes of CTB pull ups
3 minutes of calories on rower

10 cleans (singles, kinda sandbagged)
22 push jerks - 3 sets (12/7/3)
11 cal on Assault Bike (woof)
18 thrusters
45 CTB (No more than sets of 5, almost all butterfly! Felt actually easier to butterfly than my old kip!)
755, yowch. 

This was fun! Not a ton of attack tonight but just made the best out of it. Movement felt great.

A.  Power Clean from pause above knee + clean from pause above knee x 2+1 x 5 sets.. build off feel here
Up to 275. GREAT practice in getting bar to hips.

B.  SDL @ 115% x 3 x 4 sets

325, ohh my thumbs. No straps. Worked on tight back and strong pull off the floor.

C.  Clean RDL @ 90%  x5 x 3 sets
330. Felt strong. Good on the hammy's

*after each set do 3 tall depth jumps
+ — >`1
Heavy Tire Flip
Strict HSPU

rest as needed

400m run @ 1:20-1:25 pace
30 sec. double kb front rack hold @ 55# per hand
rest 60 seconds
x7 sets

Made some mod's on testers/training. Had a bunch of buddies in town so we did...

30" BJ's
Strict HSPU's

4:37, HSPU's unbroken. Felt great! Bounded box jumps after set of 7 from there on out. Was stepping down at first. BReathing felt great on this.

Rest 5:00

5 Sets for time:
Run 400m @ hard effort (200m down and back)
KB's while partner ran to halfway point
Rested while partner ran the back. (200m, so about :40 rest) 

Oh man this hurt. Two teams of us and it turned into a race. First 400 was probably 1:30. Great training day!

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