Thursday, October 27, 2011

10/27/11 - South Georgia Throwdown

Took a long break from posting on the blog and writing my own programming. During the 10 weeks I followed the OPT Big Dawgs Blog and saw some great...scratch that....some insane results. I loved putting it in someone else's hands for a while. Just competed in the South Georgia Throwdown this passed weekend. Great time! Solid event with solid people.  Felt great going into it. Nutrition was dialed in, and conditioning felt great, not at it's peak, but felt great. My strength was feeling better than ever, even though that has not been my current focus.
The training on the blog leading up to this was highly lactic. I have never been so comfortable in "pain". Only downside to a lot of the training leading up to this weekend was that I felt like my motor in the longer time domains might suffer a little bit. But I felt confident on how to pace and control myself  if those were to come up.
Results from the weekend.
Day 1:
Wod 1:
5 Rounds for time:
3 Power Cleans - 205#
7 burpee box/jumps - 24"
10 GHD Situps
5:18, All unbroken. 1st place. Felt great, held at about 90& for first 3 rounds, then went all out. Breathing felt great. Last set of GHD's started to slow.
Wod 2:
For Time:
Run 400m
6 rounds:
3 Ground to overhead @ 155#
6 bar facing burpees
9 ctb pullups
Run 400m
12:10, very broken. Felt like shit. 5th place.
Went easy on run, but way to hard on first few rounds of triplet. Misjudged pace. Last run was sloppy.
Wod 3:
7 min. AMRAP:
1 front squat - 135#
25 yard prowler push (90#),
2 front squat - 135#
25 yard prowler push,
3 front squat - 135#
25 yard prowler push...
10 rounds + 4 front squats into the 11th round. 1st place.
AWEFUL! Paced very well and had a lot in the tank last few minutes. This one just chewed up your legs.
Day 2:
Wod 4:
15 minutes to find 1RM clean, bench press, & deadlift.
then rest 60 seconds,
60 sec AMRAP: Muscleups (x2 # for every muscleup)
Clean: 300, 315, 330# PR!
Bench Press: 275, 295x, 285#
Deadlift: 475, 500#
Muscleups: 13 unbroken
3rd place
Clean felt awesome! My strength has been there, technique has been in the way. Should have gotten 295# on bench press. Deadlift was all I had. Hitched really bad. Pretty happy with muscleups.
Wod 5:
In 10 minutes:
Row 1500m,
Then in the remaining time,
92 OHS, 1st place
Paced well on the row around a 1:50. Got off and did 8 sets of 10, then one all out last set of 12. Didn't drop bar, just rested on my back. Eat shit Regionals....
Wod 6:
KB Swings - 55#
Double Unders
7:48, 2nd place
Decided beforehand to break up the set of 50 and 40 in half to leave some juice at the end. GREAT decision. Everyone tried to go unbroken and those who did, really slowed down. The sets of 30,20,& 10, I was ripping the KB down. Double unders were getting ugly. Broke on 44 of last set. Quads locked up.

Big thanks to the World Camp Crew for throwing such a top notch event. Met some awesome people this weekend. And a special thanks to my lady for helping keep me running all weekend. She's awesome.
Ended up 1st overall. Great weekend. I was pretty sore for a few days. Going to take the rest of this week off and most of next week. Ordered the Neera cleanse, which is a 5-day detox. No food for 5 days, just liquid. Allows digestive tract to heal and recover. eliminates all inflammation, and expunges all lactic acid. Just a good way to refresh. Looking forward to getting back on it with a refreshed body. Here is a link to the website. 
I'll also be using the blog to post updates on my current small business project, Mobility Kits. Currently working with some attorneys for some legal protection, and some artists for logo and branding. Product design is in it's infancy but I have some great ideas and can't WAIT to put them to life. I think this is a product people will really enjoy.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. -2 Corinthians 5:17

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