Friday, May 10, 2013

5/10/13 - AM Training/Testing + PM Testing

8:30 AM

A. OHS - work on G2O - prefer not under pressure - get to 3 reps tough

Worked up to 285# with about 2 min rest between sets. Felt strong. Getting it overhead to my back is definitely not an issue. The OHS felt a little unstable. Would like to build some more confidence in it in the next few weeks. Although, I'm pretty sure 285# is a PR for 3. 295# is definitely doable. Breathing will just get tough.

rest 2 min

30 burpee muscle ups

Not very happy with this. Perhaps I went out to fast. I did 15 in 2:30. Missed one rep at the end. Failed the dip. The dip became difficult for me. Breathing was pretty good. More of a ring dip/pressing endurance issue.

rest as needed - 7 min.

EMOM - 12
315# DL TnG x 7 - odd
BJ's - 30" game pace - even 7-10 per set

Done. Felt fine. Box jumps felt good. Deadlifts were ok. Grip was kind of
tired from the previous work.

5:30 PM

100 Wallball - 60/20/10/10
100 CTB Pullups - 15/10/10/5's
100 Pistols/alternating
100 Dumbbell Snatch 70#/alternating hand - grind

Wallballs 60/20/10/10 as planned. This felt good.
CTB's 15/10/10/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5, 3/3/3/3/3, 2/2/2/2/1/1
Pistols smooth and steady.

DNF - 68 snatches

Wallballs 3:23
CTB 7:09
Pistols 5:05
Started DB Snatch 16:11 in, 8:49 remaining to cap
Camera didn't make it but I believe I only got to 68 snatches.
Did the first 10 in :47
Completed the next 10 in 1:27
The next 10 in 1:23
The next 10 in 1:22

My lower back was extremely lit up. Just didn't have the push to finish it out today. I don't think I can avoid my back lighting during game but I will finish. Pretty unhappy with this and the day overall. When the time ended I wasn't really out of breathe. My back was just so cramped I couldn't do anything. I just didn't have it in me to "go there" through it today. Not sure if the Deadlifts this AM made a difference? I felt great afterwards. It just felt like a lower back workout. Energy was fine, body feels good.

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