Sunday, May 5, 2013

5/4/13 - AM Airdyne Intervals + PM Testing + PM Z1 Row

Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
Airdyne 30 seconds @50%

Done. Fasted, pretty much out of bed. Was a little tough to get going. First few sets were slow then felt great. Did an easy 5 min Z1 with a few :15-:20 sprints. Averaged 85-86 rpm. Closer to 87-88 on the last 10. During the ramp up from a few months ago, I think the highest average rpm towards the end was around 87-88. This is all based off my airdyne of course.

A. TnG squat snatch; build to a 10rm in 3 attempts

205X (only 7) Flat ran out of gas.
195X (only 9) missed last rep.
Completely underestimated how tired my grip was today. Pull felt weaker than yday and grip was shot. Very frustrated that I didn't hit anything. Need to sharpen up. Just tired today. I was using an Eleiko bar which spins way faster than I am used to. Didn't feel right. Just felt off today.

205 Miss:

195 Miss:

for time:
* 30 min time cap
For time:
100 thrusters 115#
100 CTB chin ups
100 burpees
100 double unders


Thrusters were all sets of 5
CTB's all sets of 5
Burpees were ok. I felt I handled them well. Maybe 1 half second break. Just tried to realize the workout was done after those. Double unders broke twice. Tried to focus I'm glad to have handled this the way I did. 
I know the thrusters and ctb need to be faster. To be honest though, I was dog ass tired before doing this.
Almost just skipped it. Glad I man'd up and knocked it out. Learned a lot. More confidence.

Row 30 min z1

Done. Felt great. Nice cool down for the night. Just under 7k. 6940. I am smoked. Haven't been this tired in a while. Not sore, just tired. Feels good.

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