Thursday, August 7, 2014

8/6/14 - AM Training + PM Light Run

gymnastics work
A.  Hip Clean x 5 x 3 - nothing over 75% of max clean.. pause for 2 sec. from the hip before doing the clean

Done. Up to 245#. Felt solid. 

B.  Front Squat; 60% of max; 3 reps EMOM x 8 minutes.. fast reps out of whole

Working sets at 245#. Felt fast.

C.  Snatch pull off blocks - 90-100% of snatch x 5 x 3.. exaggerate through the ext. toes, shrug and hold 

Done. Felt strong here too. Good morning. 255-285#


30-40 minute steady run
Felt great to get out and run. about 33 minutes for the track i used. Back of right knee got a little tight but stopped once I was off of it. That was always my problem with distance running. weird little tendons in my knees would light up after 30 minutes or so. I could run all day if I didn't feel like something was going to pop. Breathing was good. 

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