Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8/4/14 - Training

gymnastics work
A.  Snatch Cluster; 70-75%; 1.1.1 x 3-4 sets, rest 10 sec., rest 90 seconds
200, 205, 215, 215
Felt good today. Sharp. Wrist and shoulder are feeling healthier and healthier.

B.  C&J; EmOM do 1 rep @ 80%.. focus on smooth and fast transition to jerk x 4 reps; then drop to 65% and hit 1 clean and power jerk every 20 sec. x 4

Done. Felt really strong on both today. The 225 felt like a toy.

285 EMOM:

225 E20s:

C.  BS; 80% x 3 reps x 4 sets *no pause
365. Felt great today. These were fast. Did 6 sets by mistake.

Left knee started having some patellar pain by the end of this. Going to work on quad a bit later to nail the trigger points. That usually helps with I'm flared up.

10 OHS  @185#
rest 15 sec.
20 T2B
rest 15 sec.
15 burped box jumps, 30”
rest 15 sec.
10 MU
rest 15 sec.
100 double unders
rest 4 minutes
x2 rounds

rest 5-10 minutes

45 sec. row @ max effort for max wattage
rest 4 minutes


First set was about 6:00. Hurt. Just smoked by this point. The second set was just a fatigue grinder. Held in there though. Skipped rows and did a 3:00 easy cool down.

Short on time today so had to combine the sessions. Big Mistake. It's so hot here and I'm tired from travel. Lesson learned....again. Quality over quantity.

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