Sunday, October 13, 2013

10/12/13 - AM Airdyne + PM Training

45 min AD @Z1
(every 5 min get off, complete 3 push ups, 10 sit ups)

Done. Feeling good.

A. Press; 3,2,1,1,1; rest as needed (build to a heavy)
185, 195, 205, 215, 225X
215 press is a lifetime pr. Super fast too. Juuuuuust missed 225.It'll be there next time for sure.
Would have tried again but today didn’t call for a max. 


B. Lateral Raises with plates; 10,10,10; rest 2 min -
15# plates. This felt good. Smoked the delts.

for time:
20 pHSPU
100m OH carry (heavy)
20 tire flips (jump in and out on every flip)


10" Parallettes, done in 10/5/5
245 for the OH Carry, 4 sets
Big boy tire took way to long.
It was rainy so I couldn't flip in the grass, had to do it in the drive way. This made getting my
fingers under it damn near impossible. Each flip was like a 500# deadlift.
Tough but good challenge.

Rest as needed

10 min @ 80%:
row 300m
5 CTB chin ups
5 burpees
5 lunges/leg

rest 5 min

10 min @ 80%:
10 Cal AD
10 sit ups (anchored)
2 TGU/arm (2pd)

4 sets + 100m
6 sets
MMM's were fine. Felt good. CTB's were sharp today. I wanted more.

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