Saturday, October 26, 2013

10/25/13 - AM Row + PM Training

Row 2K @ 1:54/500 m pace
Rest 60 sec
Row 2K @ 1:56/500m pace
Rest 60 sec
Row 2k @ 1:58/500m pace

Done. Easy peasy. Groin is feeling better. Neck is all good now.
A. BB reverse lunge; 6-8/leg x 3; rest 3 min
155 for all sets. Kept it moderate. Didn't feel great.
I think after this week I'll be good to go on back squats again. Groin is getting better and better.

B. Emom 5 min - Tng Snatch x 2
205, 215, 225, 230, 235
VERY happy with this. Felt freakin strong.

C. 8 sets - every 90 sec - TnG Power Snatch x 4, 12 Cal Row (mod load, mechanics, speed focus)
Used 135 for all sets. Felt smooth and sharp.
Snatch + Row took about :47 per round.

for time:
100m FC (100#/h)
30 cal AD
20 Tire flip
10 PJ (225#) – from ground

Farmer Carry done with 120#/hand broke at 50m
A/D just cruised. Didn't see a point to kill myself before I flip a tire for 10 minutes.
Tire flips took about 10 minutes. Much faster than a few weeks ago though.
Push Jerks UB and pretty easy. Happy to have knocked these out so fast.
Good session. It was cold and dark tonight. Trained outside. Different element.

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