Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10/6/13 - OPTathlon 5.0

1. Clean and Overhead in 10 min
Cleaned 330# and tried to push jerk but missed it. Just wasn't really aggressive with it. Going in to this I was
supposed to only power clean and I caught 330# low and had to squat it. So I just shut it down after that. Wanted to be safe with the groin. Tough but good call.

(short rest)

2. Standing Triple Jump
26' 3"
Held back some for hip. Not much pain but wanted to be smart.
(short rest)

3. Row Repeats 
Row 500m
Rest 90 sec.
Row 500m
1:27.6, 1:25.6
Feeling better each year on these. Surprised myself

(1 hours rest)

4. 3 minute amrap Ladder:
60% of Event 1
1 C/J, 3 Burpees, 2 C/J, 3 Burpees, etc.

6 rounds + 4 CJ's
Short and sweet. Bar was bouncing all over the place.

(2-3 hours rest)

5. Reverse Shot Toss
36' - 4.25", A lot worse from last year. I guess I just suck at throwing.

(short rest)
6. 3K Run
Felt pretty good. Happy with this considering I haven't run over 200m since the games.

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