Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10/14/13 - AM OFF + PM Training/Testing

A. BS @3111; 5,5,5,5; rest as needed (floss, continued knee tester, shut it down if any pain)
225 for all sets. Stayed extra safe. Felt pretty good.
No serious pain, but the pull isn't completely gone. Movement feels really good though.

B. Barbell step up; 5-7/leg x 3; rest 3 min (take 30 sec b/t legs)
185 for all sets. Felt strong. Actually bothered right groin a little bit today.
C. Snatch pull; 1.1 x 4; rest 10 sec, rest 2 min
275 for all sets. Felt really strong. Great tech work.
D. Emom 8 min – HPS x 2 (70-80%)
165, 175, 180, 185 for the rest.
Felt amazing after the pulls. Super fast and shar

for time:
Row 1k
20 KB front rack reverse lunge
10 MUps
20 KB front rack lunge
10 MUps
Row 1k


First 1k around 3:40
Lunges with a 70# & 53#. Switched after 10.
MU's were 6/4 - Felt great
Reverse lunges were way more comfortable. Switched at 10 again
MU's were 4/3/3
Last row was spicy as hell - around 3:40 again. Had to push for this one.

Fun workout. Felt great to hurt.

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