Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Africa! - Day 1 3/8/12

3/8/12 - Day 1
Arrived to Nairobi around 7:00 am. Africa Travel Company(ATC) had a taxi driver there waiting for us. Today we're going straight to the Masai Mara. Our taxi driver Timothy taught us some basic Swahili and some slang.

Niaje Poa  - What's up?
Poa - cool/I'm cool
Sorry Joe (in a thick African accent) - No thanks.

Exchange rate about 80 Kenyan Schillings = $1. Most woman in the city of Nairobi earn about $2/day which about half is spent on food.

Took about 45 minutes to get through the thick city traffic but we finally arrived to our departure point to head out for the 3-day trip through the Masai Mara. At the Acacia Camp in Nairobi, we met our tour guide Antony and our driver Steve.

During our drive we passed some great lookouts among the Great Rift Valley. Which I learned extends from Israel all the way down to Mozambique.  Lunch was at a restaurant called Maai Maahu. Great food but a lot of rice and not much meat. Around 2 hours later, our truck broke down. So we all hopped out on the side of the road while the tour guide and drive play mechanic. Believe it or not, they get it running again. While on the side of the road our guide was telling us about some plants that contained a fruit call the Apple of Sodom, named after Sodom and Gomorah from the bible. It's a poisonous fruit that acts as a tear gas.

First time ever seeing acacia trees, which I called Africa trees until now. Some cool looking birds as well, Malibu storks.

Drive into the Masai ended up taking us all day long after several more truck break downs and slow bumpy roads. We arrived to the camp site just at sunset. Dinner was good. Spaghetti with peas and carrots added. Which I learned that Australians call "spag-bowl." Filled up my water bottles and got supplies ready for the next day then hit the sack. I was smoked.

Big green monster.

 First meal in Kenya!

Sunset in Masai Mara

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