Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Africa! - MEM to NBO 3/6/12-3/8/12

Arrived to Amsterdam around 12:00 pm. Locked out stuff in lockers and took the train to the city. Made it to Central Station in the middle of Amsterdam. It was freezing cold and rainy. Found a restaurant called "Allstars". Doug and I have some spare ribs with chimichurri. Marcy had the schnitzel. It was a ton of food!

After eating we left and walked around to some of the souvenir shops. Some pretty nasty stuff in this city. Lots of porn and weed. We spent less than an hour walking around. Too cold and rainy. Hopped on the train back to the airport and took a nap.

Woke around 7:00pm. Walked around the airport for a while looking at stores. This place is huge. In one of the liquor stores we saw the most expensive bottle of liquor in the world. $250,000. If you purchase they fly you out to the distillery and put you up for the weekend.

Dinner was croquettes from a Dutch restaurant. Deep fried gravy basically. Not very good.

Hopped on the plane and am now heading to Nairobi. Should be about a 10 hour flight or so.
Dinner was really good and had an entire row of chairs to sleep for myself! Not a bad flight.

Doug and Marcy freezing their faces off at central train station in Amsterdam.

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