Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Double Training - 4/24/12

Well went on quite the hiatus for a while. Training was super intense, spent some time on my side project Mobility Kits, and planned a trip to Africa. Things are settled back down now for the time being so I've decided to start posting again.

During my first overseas experience in Japan I took a bunch of pictures but everything I learned was never written down. So it's pretty difficult to go back and try to remember all the details. So I decided to keep a small journal of each day while in Africa. Now that I've got pictures and details from each day I've decided to post my journal entries and a few of the good pictures and vids from each day of the trip. I have a lot of content and don't want to feel overwhelmed so I'm going to start with one day at a time. Should take about 3 weeks if I can count correctly.

I also plan to continue posting my daily training and results for my records. Right now I have strayed from the BDB and have programmed Team Faction's training for the next few weeks to prep specifically and individually for regionals.

Tuesday 4/24/12:

Part 1: A. Back Squat: Work to heavy triple, NOT 3RM
*365#, felt great! First time back squatting in months. 

B. Power Snatch x 2: EMOM x 6; increase weight per set
Cancelled power snatch due to shaky right shoulder. Did power cleans instead.
*245#,245#,250#,250#,255#,260#, felt great

4 rounds for time: 20 Wallball 30 sec Chin Over Bar Hold - accumulated

6:47, went pretty easy. More just wanted to practice holding my chin over the bar. Broke once per set. Wallballs were just there. :20-:25 will not be a problem in competition.

Rest 4+ hours

Part 2:

4-5 sets @ 97%: 
Row 250m, 
7 Hang Power Clean - Heavy 
Walk/Rest 6-7 min.
225# for all sets. Rows were around :45, 1:30 pace
Hang cleans got really tough. These crush me for some reason.

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