Thursday, April 26, 2012

Africa! - Day 3 3/10/12

Day 3

Woke at 5:00 am. Packed up the night before to get ready to head back to Nairobi. On our way out today we are stopping to visit a Maasai village.

This mornings training:
Burpee Ladder
1 on the first minute, 2 on the second, 3 on the third, etc...
Made it to 18 minutes. I think that's around 171 burpees
3 sets:
50 double unders UB
30 air squats
rest split time

Took around :52 each set.
I trained underneath the kitchen patio of the campsite. There were bats flying over my head. One flew into my rope during the double unders. Pretty crazy.

Breakfast was bread and watermelon. Threw some beef jerky in there because I function off of just bread and fruit.

Mzuri = good/tasty
African Cake - Made of chapati (wheat), and ugaly (maize/corn)

Solomon was my guide through the Maasai village. Learned quite a bit about the Maasai Warriors.

-Married at 21 years old
-1 sister is worth 40 cows (yes, they trade sisters for cows)
-Drink the blood and milk of cows for nourishment
-The houses are made of mud and cow crap
-Circumcised without any antiseptics or anesthetics.
-Faces painted white if they don't cry - reward

Traded one of my knives for an Orinka ( tree root from and olive tree fashioned as a throwing object for past-time)

During the drive back we went through the Loita plains. Basically a desert. Saw several Yellow Fever Acacia Trees. Learned that our guide Antony was from the Kikuyu tribe north of Nairobi. Home of Pepita pineapples. Arrived back to Nairobi around 7:30 pm after breaking down twice and hopping on another passing tour bus. Glad they were there.

Had dinner at the famous Carnivore restaurant. Basically a Brazilian steakhouse. Tried several wild meats. Pretty good. Hit the bed around 11pm. Heading into Tanzania early tomorrow morning.

 Soloman and I, holding an Orinka

Hand fulls and hand fulls of goats

Inside the village 

 Invisible Brandi and I


 The Crew!

Love it.

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