Sunday, January 26, 2014

1/25/14 - AM A/D Recovery + PM Training

AD 60 min @Z1
- every 5 min get off and complete 3 GH raise, 25 sec L sit

Done. Feeling good this morning. Shoulder hurt quite a bit during the night. 

A. 10 sets - every 2 min - Jerk x 1 (HEAVY sets)
345 for all sets. Wanted to go heavy, but not so heavy that I couldn't get some practice in. I think this is the first time I have backed off the weight a little bit and drilled. Felt good.

B. 8 sets - every 30 sec - PC x 1 (255#+)
Ended at 295. 5+ jumps. Did a few extra sets. Felt pretty good. Changing weight used up all the rest time.

C. Unbroken CTB chin up ladder 4->10->4
5:16, Can go much faster. Did a regular kip but it felt really strong and sharp. Happy with how my pulling felt today. Didn't feel fatigued.

for time:
1:28, huge PR. 25/10/8/7 Felt great. Kip was on.

rest as needed

12 min amrap @open pace:
15 PS (75#)

30 DU

8+9 snatches. Felt ok. I was pretty tired rolling into this. Just tried to keep attacking and moving. All DU's unbroken. Did 2 sets of 8/7 on snatches, then quick 5's. I think my score from 2011 was 7+30 DU's + 9 snatches in 10 minutes. It started with the Double Unders.

Great week of training. I feel like I'm finally back in a good groove. Best I have felt in a while. Let's roll!

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