Monday, January 13, 2014

1/6/14 - AM Training + PM Prep/Training

A. Back Squat @20X1; 2,1,1; rest 3 min (2 @85%, 1s @90%)
385, felt strong.

B. Tng Snatch - build to a heavy double
Stopped at 235. Felt really sharp.

C. Complete as many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:

20 PS (155#)
30 CTB Pull Ups
40 KB swing (2 pd)
80 DUs
Run 800m (weight vest)

Finished CTB's. Did snatches in 90s. Did 4 sets of 5 tng. Felt strong. Pullups were tough after it.

Rest 3 min then…..

for time:
20 PS (155#)
30 CTB Pull Ups
40 KB swing (2pd)
80 DUs
Run 800m (weight vest)

14:00, run took about 5:00. Had to put vest on, and run out the door. It was so cold out today. Probably not smart to run outside. Did all singles on snatches, CTB's were 5's. Lower back was really tired on swings, and DU's unbroken.

Headstand to HS work
Combine agility practice
for time:
30 OHS (205#)

- EMOM 20 DUs

This was a lot harder than I though. I finally smartened up after the 3rd minute and started cj'ing the weight over head. I was squat snatching at first. Felt strong though. I feel tired tonight. It was hard to get going.

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