Sunday, September 15, 2013

9/13/13 - AM Swim + PM Training

100m swim
100m kick
4x25 underwater (no breath, off wall)
Rest as needed
12 x 25 hard from dive (Max 1 breath, shoot for :13-:15 sec)
Rest 30 sec
6 x 100 moderate pace (long stroke)
Rest 2 min
Done. Warmup was great.
Damn that's a lot of kicking.  It's getting stronger though.
Underwaters were a failure. Had to take a breathe each time.
I'll get it next week!
Dove in for the first one and felt fast. Then I was 
told to stop diving. Lame. So I had to push off wall.
I was able to limit it to one breath though. Happy with that.
These sets hurt like hell. Most were around :18
Probably like 95%.
These felt great. Averaged 1:45-1:50
Nice and smooth. Shoulders were tired 
at this point though.
A. BS; 5@60%,4@65%,3@70%,3@75%,3@80%; rest 3 min
260, 280, 300, 325, 345
Felt good. Groin was hanging in there.
B. BS – emom 5 min x 2 (85%)
Done. 365, Felt strong. They got faster as time elapsed.
C. Tng Sq Snatch emom - 185# x 3 – 6 min
Done. Felt powerful, but pretty tight. Breathing was great.
For time:
1k row
50 meter front rack walking lunge (155#)
20 DB Snatch - 10/arm alt'ing (100#)
100 meter sled pull (HEAVY)
20 OHS (155#)
50 meter prowler push (HEAVY)
.5 mile Cal AD
24:35, About 45 minutes setting up.
Easy on 1k row, ended fast
Walking lunge broke 4 times
easy pace on db snatch, these really get my breathing up.
Sled pull was a nightmare. I was dragging the yoke in the
backyard. Very tough. Kept catching grass.
OHS were terrible. Super tight in flat shoes.
Prowler was terrible as well. Tough in the yard.
Awesome to grind. Destroyed the .5 a/d, close to a minute.

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