Sunday, September 15, 2013

9/15/13 - Weekend Summary

A lot of traveling this week, but with plenty of prep and time management I was able to turn it in to a solid training week. Big thanks to Dwayne, Darron, and Matt at CF Salina for being so welcoming into their gym. It was so helpful having the flexibility to train when I needed to.

The last few weeks have been a little up and down dealing with some injuries but I am managing. I see a specialist tomorrow for an update on the groin/hernia issues. Hoping for some great news. Either way I'm just excited to get some type of analysis on what it is that's going on and what steps I can start taking to fix it.

Energy leading into the weekend was much better than the last 3 weeks. Could be a combination of the weather cooling off and I'm finally adapting to the training cycle, or partly that my groin didn't act up and limit me from any of my training. (Which usually ignites an avalanche of stress). All is good. I still feel I am moving forward, and that is the bigger picture.

|I'm pretty sore from the volume this week, but am starting to recover quickly again. I'm excited for the week to come. Onward!

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