Sunday, September 22, 2013

9/21/13 - AM Airdyne 60/60 + PM Training/MMM

AD 15 min @Z1
AD 60 sec 80%
AD 60 sec 50%
x 15
AD 15 min @Z1

Done. Felt great. Averaged a little under what I normally do for the 30/30.
Around 81-82 rpm.

A. Push press cluster; 2.2.2 x 3; rest 15 sec, rest 2 min
245, 255, 265
Felt strong and fast. Groin was cooperating on these today. I think because I skipped the Back Squats.

B. Emom 12 min – odd CGBP - 185# @ 10X1 x 2 reps; even – wall ball x 15
Done. Bench press was good. Shoulders felt strong.
Used a 14' target for the wall ball. Got spicy. I was having to jump after 8 or 9 reps.
Challenging and fun.

C. HSPU AMRAP x 60 sec x 3; rest 3 min
All Kip. Felt pretty good. Shoulders were pretty tired from previous work.
But my kip feels very strong. Happy with this.

3 rds for time @ 90%:
50 m FW (100#/h)
10 Tire Flips 300#
50 m Yoke Heavy

Rest as needed

10 min @ 80%:
run 400 m
20 DU’s

rest 5 min

10 min @ 80%:
20 Cal AD
4 Bar Muscle ups
6 HPS - 135#

Tough. No yoke where I was at today so I used 225# on a barbell with a 2pd hanging
from a band on each end. Did a 25m down and back. Very challenging. Awesome!
Used 110 for farmers walk. Easy
No tire, so I used 205# power cleans as a sub.
Fun workout. Feeling good.
Rested 5 min.
3 rounds + some running.
Felt good. Quads started to lock up a little but it calmed down during the 5 min. rest.
4 rounds + 5 cal
All Unbroken. HPS felt strong. BMU's felt even stronger.
Just flat feeling good right now. Huge improvement on the MMM over the
passed several weeks.

Weekend summary. Groin is hanging in there. I was able to set it aside the passed few
days and throw everything else I had at the training. It feels really good.
I am fired up and hungry for next week. Let's go.

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