Friday, September 13, 2013

9/9/13 - AM Row + PM Training

Row 1k (1:58/500m)
Rest 1 min
Row 2k (1:56/500m)
Rest 2 min
Row 2k (1:54/500m)
Rest 1 min
Row 1k (1:52/500m)

Done. Pretty easy. Felt good.
Flew to Kansas, Salina this morning. Extremely fortunate to have
found gym owners kind enough to let me come by and train when I wanted.

A. Sots press; 3-5 x 3; rest as needed (control, light load)
45#, 55#, 65#, Felt really good on shoulders.
B. Rack Concentric Back Squats @03X0; 3,2,1,3,2,1; reset for 3 sec on rack each time; rest 2-3 min
Worked up to about 315 and called it. This really irritates the groin.
C. Amrap wtd. strict CTB chin up x 4; rest 3 min (1/5 BWT attached)
40#, 4,5,4,3
Chin over bar is no problem, pulling my chest to it was tough. Mixed grip for all sets.

For time:
1k row
15 Tire flip (300#)
5 RC
200 meter OH BB carry (205#)
5 RC
15 Stone 2 Shoulder
800 meter run

Subbed 205# power cleans for the tire flip and stone 2 shoulder
OH Carry was fun. Broke around every 25m. This was a fun workout. 16' rope.

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