Sunday, December 15, 2013

12/11/13 - Scottsdale - AM Testing + PM Row Intervals

Big Dawg Comp - OPT 3
(3 RM FS, 2 RM snatch, 1 set unbroken CTB)
375 FS
253 Sn
44 CTB’s

FS was a grind. Took a lot out of me for the snatch.  Still super happy that there was zero groin pain! CTB’s is a big PR from a few years ago. Happy with the scoring but I know there is more there.

PM - with lactate scoring
Row 500m @1:37/500m
Rest walk 2:30 sec
x 12

Done. Except we added a 5:00 rest halfway to keep it aerobic. Felt good. No issues.

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