Thursday, December 19, 2013

12/18/13 - AM Row Repeats + PM Training/Heavy Tester


AD 10 min @Z1
Row 500 m in 1:37
rest walk 2:30
x 5

rest 6 min

Row 500m in 1:39
Rest walk 2:30
x 5
Cool down walk 1 mile

Done. Felt ok. Not as strong as last week. It was no problem holding pace, but maybe last week helped being with others during the session. And it was faster intervals with more of them. Worked on cooling it a bit during the beginning. I went directly to pace and stayed there, rather than gaming it.

A. Emom – C&J - build to a solid speed single (add small per set)
305#, started at 235#. This felt terrible today. Body just doesn't feel fresh. Soleus or peroneus, at least in that area, is still lighting up when I squat. It's not a sharp direct pain, just a throb.

B. Segmented clean DL; 2-3 x 3; rest 2 min
305, 345, 355
Felt good.

C. for time - 100 CTB chin ups
5:44, Did a few extra. 
Didn't feel that great on these today. 10/10/10 then 5's with 4's, 3's and singles on the last 20. I still feel like this is improvement even though its not my best day.


Clean (255#)


Tough, but I definitely underestimated myself. Struggled to get fired up for this so I just went at it.
Cleans were easy singles. S2O was easier than I thought. I'll do bigger sets next time.
S20 was 4/3/2, then 4/3, then 5 UB.


On all cleans today I just felt sooooooo slooooooow under the bar.

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