Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7/11/14 - Race Day

Race 1 - x

Race 2 - Felt strong on thrusters at 235#. Way more in the tank on these. Was hitting sets of 4, every quadrant.

Race 3 - X

Race 4 - X

Race 5 - Finished 10 DL's, subbed. 2 rope climbs, then started on TnG PS @ 165. Felt pretty good during this one. Rope climbs feel strong. PS didn't feel great because of wrist and shoulder.

Race 6 - Same setup - 10 DL's, subbed. 2 Rope Climbs, then TnG PS. Dug a bit deeper on this one and worked with Nick to finish them off. Lit me up. I was really lactic after this and had a lot of trouble recovering. Been struggling with this lately. I honestly feel like the lack of aerobic is making it hard to recover between efforts. Although I do feel really powerful. Still adjusting.

Race 7 - Clean Ladder - Worst I have felt on this race. I am usually pretty fresh and recovered for the ladder. I was hurting before this started.

Race 8 - A bunch of us, so didn't get a lot of work in. Knocked out 15 depth HSPU's at the 5". I can fly on these and deeper. Should definitely get in a little more on this.

Race 9 - X

Race 10 - Finished the last two movements off on this one. 10 Muscleups ups then 20 burpee box jumps AFAP. Everything felt strong. I was swinging like crazy on the muscleups. I gotta learn to adjust to the high rings. BBJ' overs hurt like hell. I was LIT up after this.

Race 11 - X

Overall decent day. Happy with how I performed but not how I felt. Ready to adjust and sharpen up.

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