Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/26/14 - AM Training

Good time at the Games yesterday. Having fun seeing a lot of friends and feeling the energy from the athletes and crowd. I had a great session this morning. Glad I'm able to get the majority of my work in.

Dropped in at CrossFit 714 in Anaheim. Holy shit what an awesome gym! 

A.  DL; 1 rep every 30 sec. starting from 315.. building by 20# each time; no more then 10 pulls
315 - 495. Pulls felt AWESOME today. Never picked up 495 so easy. SHould have kept going and hit the lifetime PR. It's there for sure.

B.  Hang power snatch @ 205# - 1-3 UB ladder in 5 minutes
3 sets, at the buzzer. Same story here. Pull feels a little off and this is heavier than it should be. I actually got better at this as it went on.

C.  Clean lift off + clean grip DL (2+2) x 3 sets @ 80% of clean
285 for all sets. Felt good.

20 minute amrap
5 bar MU
10 strict HSPU
15 ghd sit ups

rest 5 minutes

20 minute amrap
15 t2B
30 cal on rower

60 double unders

7 + 1 HSPU, First few sets of Bar MU unbroken then had to start breaking as it was really humid in the gym. Bar was really slippery and they don't allow chalk. Good breathing. Abs are sore today from GHD's. HSPU's were 5/5 for a few sets then 3's & 2's.
6 + 15 Cal, First 10 min was good, then started to get a bit tired. Once again tough to grip on T2B so did 8/7 every set. All DU's unbroken and around 1:55 row. Felt great to just work for a while. I was pretty toast afterwards.

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