Sunday, July 20, 2014

7/19/14 - Training

Slept great the passed few nights. Body is feeling good. Wrist and shoulder especially. 

Gym. Warmup (Made up my own):

3 sets: 6-8 reps of each
Towel swing from rings
Static Ring Hold - 20-30 sec.
Strict T2B
Deck Squats

A. Build to heavy PC/PJ for the day.
Worked up to 305. Power clean felt a little weak. Just don't think I was awake yet.
Quick set of 5 PC/PJ @ 275 to jazz me up.

B. Build to Heavy BTN split Jerk
385, Missed 405 a few times. Just wanted to play today. 400 over head has been a goal of mine for a long time. It's there for sure next time!

C. Every 30 sec x 10 sets: BTN split Jerk at 345#
Done. Easy. Good Tech practice. I like these a lot because it lets me feel how the bar should feel over head. Shoulders inline. It feels different than reg split jerk overhead for sure.

EMOM x 20:
Min 1 - Farmer Carry 250#/hand - Just went length of driveway and back. Probably 60' total.
Min 2 - A/D 15 cals
Min 3 - 8 TTB - 5# weight on feet
Min 4 - 8 S2O w/85# Dumbbells

Great session today! I felt really healthy for the first time in a while and was able to dig in. The EMOM was a blast. Farmer carry actually challenged my grip. It's not usually a limiter. The DB S2O SUUUUUUCKed. 

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