Sunday, July 6, 2014

7/3/14 - Training

A. BS @20X1; 3,2,1; rest 2 min (build, last single tough)
385, 405, 435. feeling stronger

B. Snatch pull; 2,2,1,1; rest 2 min (2s@265#,1s@275#)
Done. Felt good.

C. Snatch - tough single (Not RM, fast, speed confidence)
255, in flats. Getting a little better.

for time:
8 Tng PS (135#)
50 DU
8 Tng PS (155#)
50 DU
8 Tng PS (175#)

3:00, Tripped a few times on DU's. Snatches felt good. Lots more there.

for time:
Sprint 100m
10 MU
15 burpees
15 box jumps over
4 PC (225#)

This was quick, can't remember time.  Was pretty lactic though from previous test. All things UB. Felt strong when I sprinted to the bar to finish the power cleans.

AD 25 sec @97%
rest walk 3:05

x 3

Yeah training with buddies it kinda turned into a game. How many cals can you get on last set all out. And it hurt like a M@#@#$%%!! Top 5 most painful leg implosions yet. Broke 30 cals though. Great training day.

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