Wednesday, July 2, 2014

6/30/14 - Training

A. Snatch pull + Snatch - build to 85% fast (perfect mechanics, good speed)

Up to 245#, still working on the snatch work in flats. Getting better. Favoring left shoulder a bit. You can see it in video. No pain today, just feel weird.

B. Emom 6 min - Snatch x 3 Tng (build from 185#)

Done. Stayed at 185 for all sets. Misread. Felt good though!

C. BS @20X1; 3,2,2,1; rest 2-3 min (only last single tough)
365, 385, 385, 405 Felt a little heavy. 

for time:
Row 20 cals
5 legless RC
100 DUs
3 L rope climbs
Burpee x 20 AFAP

11:12, Couldn't finish the last L-climb. I knew I would have to pace everything before to be fresh for those. The legless climbs felt like crap today so I probably put me off worse than I should have been for the L-sit. I kept getting about 2/3 of the way up and could not finish it. Finally ended up just finishing it legless and moved on.

AD 22 sec @97%
rest walk 2:48

x 4

Done. Felt good.

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