Sunday, July 6, 2014

7/4/14 - Training

A. Emom 10 min - HPC x 3 (225#)

Done. Felt strong. Fooled around with some different techniques.
B. Build to a tough set of 6 - Tng PJ (build)
275, called it there. Felt really good. I want to go heavy on this.

C. for time: 
20 pHSPU
10 L pull ups

6:12, 15/8/7 on HSPU's, 2's on P's (14"), 7/3 on L-pullups. Made them perfect.

3 sets @HIGH effort:
8 clean (155#)
10 cal row
rest 60 sec
25 unbroken CTB chin up
25 wall balls (30#)
rest 60 sec
15 KBS (2pd)
10 OHS (185#)

rest walk 3 min

Done. Only thing I had to adjust was the CTB's and WB's. Knocked reps down to 20. Would get 20 CTB unbroken but wallballs were crushing. This was very very hard. OHS were never unbroken. I was smashed on these today. My delts are tired. This took me a long time to recover.

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