Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/15/12 - Training


A. TGU - build to a tough 5/arm - warm up shoulders Did 3 or 4 up to a 2pood. Shoulders felt warmed up. I was pretty tight from yesterday.
B. Jerk from blocks - 3,3,3; rest 3 min 325#, 335#, 345# Felt awesome tonight! 



C. Implement Push - 30-45 sec @ 90%; walk rest 3 min x 5
(prowler, sled, vehicle..)
190#, averaged about 160' every 35 seconds or so. Quads were blown up on these. Consistent output though. Felt great!
D. GHD sit ups - 20 x 2; rest 1 min
Done, Felt fast and sharp today.

He has not promised we will never feel lonely,
But He has promised that in Him
We will never be alone.

He has not promised that we will be free
From pain and sorrow,
But He has promised He will be our help,
Our strength, our everlasting peace.

No matter what happens in our lives,
We can believe fully in his promise...
We can rest confidently in His love.

-Author Unknown

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