Sunday, November 24, 2013

11/23/13 - AM A/D Recovery + PM Training

45 min AD @Z1
(get off every 5 min and complete 15 sec FLR, 5 air squat)

Done Felt good. Shoulders are tired.
A. Press; 2,2,2,2; rest 2-3 min
195, 205, 215, 220X (1/2)
Missed the 2nd rep on 220.
Nowhere close on 2nd rep but I went for it.

B. CGBP; 3,3,3,3; rest 2 min (build to a heavy triple in sets)
Only 4 sets.
185, 225, 255, 275X (2/3)
Had a weird press on the 3rd rep. No issues though.

C. 20 tire flips for time – heavy tire, jump in and out every rep

Rained a lot yday. The big boy was really muddy.
Couldn't get enough grip to flip it so I did
40 flips/jumps with the small(er) tire instead
Tough, lower back was lit and it was wet and muddy as well.
It's so freakin cold here now this shit is not fun.

10 min @ 80%:
AD 15 cal
50m OH carry (185#)
25 DU's

rest 5 min

10 min @ 80%:
run 200m
10 T2B
10 WB's
10 cal row

5 + 50m carry
4 even

So cold and windy I was getting pretty frustrated.
Decent session. Pretty tired now.
Ready to relax and prep for next week.

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