Thursday, November 21, 2013

11/20/13 - AM Row Intervals + PM Training

Had to skip the intervals this morning. Up at 4:30 am for work travel. Going to make it up tomorrow morning in place of my swim.

A. Tall Clean + segmented clean; 1.1 x 3; rest 2 min (seg clean – pause at mid thigh)
225 for all sets. Worked on speed. Felt ok. Knees are tender.
B. 8 min - Tng Clean x 4 (start at 185, build small per set)
185-225. Breathing was pretty tough. Felt strong though.
Lower back was lit up.

C1. Unbroken CTB chin up; 15,15,15,15; rest 15 sec
C2. Row 10 cal hard; rest 15 sec
C3. 2 rope climb leg less - 15'; rest 3 min

CTB's UB and fast. RC's were pretty good. Last 2 were difficult.
Accidentally misread and did the RC's first and CTB's last.
HUGE pump after this.

for time:
50 TTB
- every break 30 DUs

30/20, Surprised myself on this. I'm going for 50 next time.
Thought I would do terrible because of the previous pulling work. Felt really strong actually.

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