Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/12/14 - Mayhem for Mustard Seed Ranch

Competed on a team with Brandon Phillips and Derek Robinson at Rich Froning's fundraiser for Mustard Seed Ranch.

Waterfall start:
750 row
50 Wall Ball
30 DB Snatch 75

I went 2nd. Rowed hard and easy on everything else. 2nd place in event.

30 MU - me
(We pick who does which)
Sub 2 on Bmu's. Tore my hands very badly. Did 17 UB then had to drop and break up. These felt great though. Would love to retest this one day.

Total time 4:44, 2nd place.

Run - approx 430m
30 Sync Burpees to a plate

Run - approx 430m

8th, felt really fast on the run.

Final event:
:60 amrap S2O @ 135 per person. 

rest 2 min

For Time:
60 TTB
60 DL 315
60 TTB
60 PC - 225

40 for me. Broke once. Tri's weren't locking. - Our total score was 4th
8: something for workout. 3rd.

Ended up 4th overall. Great weekend!

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