Monday, April 21, 2014

4/19/14 - Testing Day 2

Event 3 - 11:00 AM

for time:
100 DU buy in
PS (165#)
pHSPU (-10")

12:13, DU's unbroken in under a minute. PS all singles. Tough time with PHSPU today. Shoulders felt tired and this lit up my back. I was breaking into sets of 5 from the start. All about ther PHSPU here. Not to thrilled with this one. Feeling a little better today. Still not 100%. 

Event 4 - 3:30 PM

For time:
100 burpees
75 DB thrusters (50#)
50 CTB chin up

25 box jump (36")

21:14, tough. Burpees in about 6:15, slow. DB thrusters were 12/13 then 10's. Really tough. Lit up my lower back and I was wearing wl shoes. CTB's were 3 sets of 10 butterfly then 5/7 and singles. Should have gone smaller sets but I was hurting at this point. Very winded. BJ's were just a grind. Good to get one of these in. I'm ready for them now. Humbling. 

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