Sunday, June 29, 2014

6/28/14 - Training

A. Power Split Clean: Tough tng double
295. First leg is fine, swapping to the second gets ugly.

B. EMOM x 10:
Even - 6 Wtd pistols (3/leg) - 70# DB
Odd - 12 TTB
EMOM x 10:
Even - 3-5 Thrusters - 70# DB's
Odd - 5 PHSPU - 10"

First EMOM was pretty tough. Never done pistols that heavy. They felt great. Did them in flats too. TTB Felt great. Could have 15-18 each set. Felt good to move with shoulders though. 
Second EMOM I was pretty smoke from 1st. Felt strong though. 

For Time: w/ partner
20 Burpees over wall - 6.5' wall
20 Tire Flips - big boy

Not sure on time. Probably 15'. My buddy was learning to flip the big boy for the first time so I had to pick up a few more.

This was fun! Felt great to just goof around today and do some different stuff. 
Played around with Medball PHSPU's also with a 14# ball. Getting the hang of it. 

Some clips from todays training!

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