Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/19/12 - Training + 1RM Snatch/Testing

Row 5000 meters out of bed fasted z1 .
Done. Around 1:55 pace. Felt good. A little tight the first 1k.Rolled and stretched for a while after that. Feeling good. Fired up.
A. Squat snatch; build to a max
225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275X, 275X, 275X, 275X, 275X
Jeez. Haven't tried that many attempts in a while. I wanted it so bad. Felt super fired up, just could not finish.
Huge technical issues tonight. Not getting the bar to my hips. Pulling early, and losing it forward every time. Extremely frustrating. Couldn't get my back in a straight position from the start. Doing some weird early arm hitch. Oh well. Moving on.


B. 20 squat snatch for time @77% of A
4:32 @ 205#

PR. Compared to:

7/9/12: 5:50

2/14/12: 5:47

Pretty pissed going into this. Just tried to attack and not worry about pretty reps.
Missed one which makes me happy. Means I was taking a chance.

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