Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28/12 - Z1 Swim + Test

Swim 45 min continuous easy

Done. 5:30 am. Fasted. Somewhere between 1400-1500m covered. Took a few hundred meters to get used to swim at a slower pace than the last few weeks. After about 300m in, it came back and I felt great.
Body was super stiff this morning but feels much better now. Slept well last night. Good recovery. Back is a little stiff. Going to try and stretch/foam roll throughout the day. Excited for tonight's test.

12 min amrap:
12 thrusters 95#
12 box jumps 20" (step down)
12 burpees over bar

5 + 12 thruster + 8 box jumps
Pretty tired & sore tonight. This was a battle. Just a tough combination of movements for me. Tried to keep moving even though it was at a snails pace. This needs a lot of work. I should be 7-8 round to be competitive. 

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