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1/13/13 - OC Throwdown Day 2

Day 2

Woke around 7am. Slept like a baby. Probably around 9.5 hours. Body is a little stiff, but not bad. Mostly the quads above my knees and my calves. Upper body is fine though. Ate a big breakfast and left for the venue Event 4 starts around 9:30 for men.

Event 4: Clean Ladder Every 30 seconds perform ground to shoulder starting at 245#.
Tie breaker is double unders on last set/ after failed attempt.

Warming up I felt pretty good. Cleaned up to 275#. Did a few squat clean as well. Legs feel fine.

Event 4 Result: 315# + 23 double unders, 17th place

Not very happy with this result. I missed 325 because of a lazy pull. Just didn't feel sharp. But, on the upside, The best I think I could have possibly done was 335#. Still never would have expected 17th place on a clean ladder.

Probably 2 hour break until #5

Event 5: 30 Wallballs (20/14 lbs.)
15 Power Snatch (135/95 lbs.)
30 Wallballs
12 Power Snatch (155/105 lbs.)
30 Wallballs
9 Power Snatch (185/125 lbs.)

Warming up I felt pretty good. Power snatched up to 185 a few times for some quick reps. Did some tng at 135#.

Event 5 Result:
8:27, 5th place

This heat included Tommy Hackenbruck, Marcus Filly, Moses Cordova, Kevin Ogar, Neal Maddox, Kenny Leverich, Travis Mayer, Adrian Conway, Bryan Miller, and Zach Forest.

Might have been one of the most stacked heats I've ever been in during a competition.

First set of wallballs unbroken and fast. Did the 135 in 5/5/ then fast singles. Next 30 wallball, broke once, but was just a split second rest. Fast singles on the 155. Same story on the last wallballs, split second rest once. then went to town on the 185#. I think it took me 80 seconds to finish all 9. No missed reps. Any my
goal was to push pace that I had to start squat snatching. Felt great. Recovered fast. So much fun and the crowd was awesome during this. Most fun I think I've had in an event.

Had about a 2 hour break then on to the grinder for event 6. They cut the field down to the top 16. I am honored to have made it this far. I currently sit in 7th. 1 point out of 5th. My goal is to make top 5.

Event 6: For Time:
25 deadlifts - 315#
30 thrusters - 115#
30 box jump overs - both feet touch top
30 KB swings - 2 pood, games standard
30 Cal Row
30 HSPU's - standard
10 burpee bar muscleups
50m OH Walking Lunge - 45# plate
50m run
100 Double Unders - Heavy Rope
200m run
10 burpees over rower

Event 6 Result:
19:25.09, 5th place

Deadlifts were done in quick sets of 5. 
Thrusters done in quick sets of 5. 
Box jumps medium pace and steady
Swings done in 3 sets of 10
Row was about 85%, used to recover a bit. Felt great.
Hspu's - 15/5/3/3/4, These were slow. First 15 strict and fast. I kinda lost composure on these. Should have kipped in 3 sets of 10. Felt weird on wall. Needs work.
Burpee bar musclups were fine. No missed reps. Slow and steady. Tired by this point.
OH walking lunge broke 5 or 6 times. Really painful. A few people caught me on this.
Double Unders were tough, broke like 5 or 6 times.
Run was an ugly dragging trot but push as hard as I could.
Burpees over the rower were very, very fast.

Only 8 of 16 finished this in the 20:00 time cap. Blown away with how I felt and handled this workout, but not surprised with the confidence I had going into it. It was just another Saturday night workout for me.
I enjoyed it. Really fun.

Finished that event in 5th moved me into 5th place overall for the weekend. I am pretty freakin' stoked with the outcome and motivated to a whole new level. 

Good from the weekend: -Built a ton of confidence.
-Tough competitors.
-Didn't even taper or stray from training for the event.
-Events were extremely well rounded in my opinion.
-There wasn't a single on that "catered to my strengths" I feel.
-Roundedness definitely paid off at this competition. My best finish was a 5th place on 2 events.

Bad from the weekend:
-My worst finished was the 7k run. 22nd place.
-The next worse finished was my clean ladder. 17th place. This will only get better
come time for regionals. I would have never expected to score this low on a strength event.

-Rope climbs need a lot of work. They are a huge limiter for me. Luckily it only cost me a
13th place finish and not a 40th. But I feel if I master the techinique I could have take 3rd in that event.

-CTB pullups could still use some work from event 2. My motor wasn't near compromised during that event.

All in all I am happy with the progress and ready to get back to it. It was a well run event, fairly judged.
I was proud to represent Memphis, Faction, and OPT. Extremely proud of my girl friend Brandi for stepping up to the plate with some big names and holding her own. Also very proud of the other Big Dawgs that competed this weekend. There was a lot of OPT talk going on. It was so much fun battling next to Marcus Filly on that final event. I loved ending the day in a grind. Love it.

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