Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1/30/13 - AM Swim + PM Test

Swim 25m on the min for 36 min (900m) @85% effort

Done this morning, fasted BCAA's. Averaged :22-:23. Feeling faster. Found a good rhythm for each split. Streamline + 3 breaths right, 2 full stroke, 3 breaths left, 2 full strokes, 2 breaths right. I'm not over rotating as much now either. I can tell because when I turn my head to breathe, half my mouth is still in the water. I have to spit some out during my exhale. My kick is feeling stronger as well. Small adjustments. I like this phase of practice. Great technique work. Recovery was great in between sets.

Power clean 185#
Box jump 30"

Power cleans were 6/5/5/2/1/1/1, 3/then singles, All singles. 

Box jumps, bounded each one with a slight pause at top.
I wanted to have done more tng on the power cleans but the gas just wasn't there today. It would have slowed me on the box jumps. I feel like I handled it in singles well though. I'm no very happy with how my motor felt on this. I don’t feel like this would be very competitive with the top fellas.

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