Saturday, January 5, 2013

1/5/12 - AM Airdyne MAP + Oly Max + Test + Z1 Row

Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
Airdyne 30 seconds @50%

Done at 9:30 am fasted. BCAA's. Felt great. A little groggy this morning. Really tough to get up and going. Averaged 1800-1850 during 85%. 
A. Build to a 1rm snatch
235, 245, 255X, 255X



B. Build to a 1rm clean and jerk
285, 296, 308X, 308X, 308

I can't put into words the frustration with these numbers. I felt sharp and fast during warmups, but hips had no power. Weight just felt sooo heavy today.

For time:
75 power snatch 75#
75 thrusters 75#
75 box jumps 24"
75 calories airdyne


Monotonous. Did 15 Snatches then sets of 5 after that for everything. Wanted to keep the reps and rest very short. Lower back was pretty tight during the thrusters. Airdyne was a grind but I felt like I handled it well. Took me around 3:40 ish.

Row 30 min z1
Done. Around 7k. 2:05 pace. Every 10 minutes performed a 20' rope climb.

Ready to rock. Feeling good.

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