Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4/16/13 - AM 1K Swim Time Trial + PM EMOM Training x 60

Swim 1k time trial

Fasted, BCAA's
PR by 2 minutes. Very happy with that. Not happy with how it felt. I broke so much. I guess it doesn't really matter since I improved by over 2:00. Swimming non-stop distance just feels uncomfortable right now, but I know it will come. Negative thoughts started pouring in early. Had to really focus to chill out and relax. After 400m it got much better.

EMOM for 20 min:
Odd- 5 power snatch 135#
Even- 5 muscle ups
EMOM for 20 min:
Odd- 5 squat clean 185#
Even- 10 hspu
EMOM for 20 min:
Odd- 30 seconds airdyne @90%
even- 10 toes through rings

First 20 complete. Did singles on snatches, MU's unbroken
Second 20 had to skip a set again. Screwed up and did the same depth as last week on HSPU's. Turns out it's like a 3" deficit with plates and abmat. Bit off more than I could chew. Squat cleans were fine, but the HSPU's got my breathing way up and lower back tight. Did at least 4 sets with a full 10, skipped set 5, then the last 5 sets around 7-8 hspu's.
AD was tough for the first few minutes after the second 20 min. But after a few sets HR and breathing settled. Toes through rings are easy. Easy to catch my breath.

Tough session. It was hot today. I'm smoked.

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